Ipad 2 Battery drain issues

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    Jan 31, 2012
    I have an Ipad 2 running IOS 5.1. I have only had the ipad for 2 months, but the last week or so it seems to be draining the battery faster then when I first got it. I have really not done anything different from before. If you anyone has some suggestion of what I can do or change the way I use my ipad that would be awesome.
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    Sep 3, 2011
    If jailbroken, add toggles to your SBsettings menu so you can easily turn location services, wifi, 3g, off when not needed and back on when needed. A pain if you have to go into settings each time and do each one but easy when jailbroken. Also adjust brightness down. Some ppl say turning off the auto brightness actually helps while others say on helps. I have mine off.

    Also I recommend the app "Boost Magic". I have it on all of my idevices and have noticed a big difference since using. It charges in cycles. First it does a quick charge to 100%, then a slow trickle charge and then top off. This style of charging is recommended for these type of batteries.
    Bonus if you are jailbroken because it can be hard to remember to open that app everytime you plug in so I set activator to automatically open it when the phone or ipad gets connected to power. This app also runs in background fine if you need to do other things while plugged in.

    another tip would be never letting the battery get below 20%. The new batteries dont need to be ran down all the way each time for best results like the old cell or laptop batteries. Actually I read these batteries benefit from top off charging daily, and only let get really low once a month (resets the charge level indicator).

    The app I recommended actually has all these tips as well though I found these in another article after a thorough google search when I was having battery issues.

    Also, news on idownloadblog.com and other idevice devoted sites have noted that unplugging ipad as soon as it reaches 100% has shown to decrease battery lifespan. Again, which is why a slow trickle charge on top of a quick charge to 100% is beneficial.

    Boost Magic is the name of the app. I tried the top 10 rated and this one worked best. Took the guess work out of it and now all I have to remember is plugging in daily as I am still bad about letting it run down sometimes since I go days before it gets below 50% sometimes.

    Hope these tips help.
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    Jan 31, 2012
    Thanks for the tips

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