Ipad 2 dead, not turn on

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    Dec 19, 2013
    Hello friends okay?

    So yesterday was watching Netflix on my iPad 2 (64GB - Wifi) as I finished watching, I put the iPad into sleep mode by pressing the Power Button. About 15 seconds later I remembered to activate the alarm and try to turn it on, he was no longer working.
    I pressed the Power Button for a long time, but none of it turn on (or came to life), it still had 75% battery, I tried connecting it to my MacBook, but he did not appear in iTunes, I tried connecting it to your computer with Windows and it also will not appear.
    I left it in the socket, all night, to see if it was something related to charge, but I tried turning it on this morning and no results too.
    I saw on the Internet, which has a hint of "Press the powerbutton + homeButton", however my homeButton does not work (it already has nearly 1 year used to it), so this tip does not work.

    I do not know what else to do, he will not turn at all. And no pc/mac recognizes.

    Here in Brazil we do not have AppleStore, then it would not take it into a shop (and his warranty has already ended)

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    No simple answer for this one. If it was a later unit I would say to go for an out of warranty replacement. However, even though they still sell the iPad 2 it has really old specs. As far as something simple you might try I don't believe there is. I, however, just hate to give up on a piece of gear. There are a lot of possibilities that you might try. My first thought would be a failure of the power switch since that was the only thing moved in your case. Second would be a complete battery failure. I have opened and repaired all those things on iPhones but I have never had reason to open an iPad so I can not help you there. Good luck and let us know.

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