iPad 2 died, need tips

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    It seems my trusty iPad 2 has sudddenly died. At first I thought it was my charging cable which was in a bit rough shape so I went ahead and bought a new one, but my iPad continues to refuse to charge or turn on. I gently cleaned the charging port and did multiple hard resets to no avail. I get the flashing red battery screen along with the lightning bolt/30 pin connector icon and nothing happens. This remains the case whether I have the connector plugged in to the iPad or not.

    So I wonder what I should do now. I am suspecting my iPad could have some water damage after some recent exposure to water but it certainly was not anything major so nothing is certain. Any suggestions what I can do with my now dead iPad or ways to get it to work again would be appreciated.

    It seems I will be definitely buying the iPad Air 2 now. :eek:
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    Unfortunately damage from water exposure is unpredictable -- I once spilled tea on a table and my iPod touch was nearby. I quickly picked it up and wiped it dry, and it didn't seem as if it had gotten that wet, but it died anyway.

    You could take it to an Apple Store anyway just to have them confirm it can't be fixed, but yeah, seems like you will be getting the Air 2! ;)

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