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    I've noticed that every couple of threads here are repeats of the same rumors, and same questions and same threads over and over again. I was hoping the Mods would consider writing something similar (or if you think mine is good enough, sticky it), or SOMETHING to help clean up this area of the forum. The questions and discussions are legitamate and useful, I mean if we don't talk about that kind of stuff what even call it an iPad forum? I do think, however, that it should be centralized for quick reference for all of the users that are constantly posting about it. Here is what I think are the most commonly asked questions, and I also think the threads about the various iPad case rumors and things should be combined.

    Please note that, to the best of my abilities, the following answers are not my own but the consensus of what I HAVE READ on this forum, very open to criticism.

    I am considering buying an iPad, but I am concerned due to the rumors of an iPad 2 coming out as early as January or February that I will regret my purchase and want an iPad 2, and I can't afford both.

    While some journalists seem to believe the iPad 2 may be announced as early as January or February, some here on this forum (as well as some of the more reputable technologic journalists) believe it will not be announced until closer to April (although the last one was announced in January, they may wait later for the announcement of the second, to prevent hurting first gen iPad sales.) Even after it's announcement, there will be some time before it's ready to purchase. With Apple, anything is possible. Understand that we will not KNOW anything for sure until the moment Steve Jobs himself announces it, if it follows what Apple has been doing for the past (how long have they been around?). While some believe it won't hold the 12 month design cycle, some of us are of the opinion that indeed it will, for reference, it was announced on January 27, 2010 and released on April 3, 2010. So you should safely anticipate an April release, but it's not unreasonable to wait until the end of January to decide on your purchase, as it may be announced before that, and you can then make your decision.

    A good portion of the members here are of the opinion that the iPad has a lot of utility, as it is out of the box. You must also consider how little was actually changed in the first three versions of the iPhone, theres a chance that the iPad will go through a "tweak" phase before substantial new features are added. The original iPhone was a early adopter product, followed by one that supported the 3G standard (but almost nothing else), then followed by one with a quicker processor that could handle more powerful software, then FINALLY one that had significant improvement over the original design.

    So that is point number one, that despite the hype, there may not be enough of a change to warrant waiting that long for the second version. If your waiting for new features and significant improvement, you might not get it. Furthermore, if you don't like the current iPad enough to justify it's cost, you should certainly wait for the second one to see if Apple surprises us and it is indeed quite a bit different, but if you like the current iPad, you might not see enough improvement to justify the wait. Again, if you waiting for new features, your probably going to wait a while.

    Second, is carrier. Soon we should find out if the rumors are true about a CDMA iPhone. If a CDMA iPhone IS coming out, there is a good chance that CDMA will come to the iPad as well, as they often share radio components. This only matters if you intend to buy the WiFi + 3G version, but if that is the case, and AT&T is not your provider of choice (Perhaps Verizon or Sprint offer better features or coverage in your area), then you may want to wait it out to see if you can get a 3G iPad. Note that the Current model is pre-unlocked, so you can use any GSM carrier without any modification (including T-Mobile in the US and I am told most carriers in Europe.)

    Third, is cost. If you do want to wait, there is a very good chance that the iPad will sell cheap, and the market will be flooded with used but mint condition iPads the second Steve Jobs makes the announcement. Many iPad 2 hopefuls have already sold their iPads on the cheap, and once the iPad 2 comes out they will only get cheaper, ESPECIALLY if the second gen is at the same price point as the first. If you aren't sold on the hype of the second model (for reference: It's believed to have improved speakers, dual cameras, and some believe a higher resolution screen, included USB/SD card slot, and perhaps even a 7" version, but the latter are not likely based on what Steve Jobs has said.), then you might still want to wait, for the sheer fact of saving money on the first model. You may even get a new one cheap from Apple, as they might want to liquidate them for the next model. (Not likely, but there is hope.)

    The final, and most determining factor, is a horrible disease called "Buyers Remorse". Assuming a likely April release, would you feel bad about dropping $500+ on something that will be quote "Outdated" in 4 months. Some wouldn't be, I myself love my iPad and although I'd also love a second gen iPad, I don't believe the second gen will make the first gen obsolete. Meaning I can use it just as much now as I can use it when the second one comes out, and I love mine too much to part with it, and even though I just recently got mine, if the next one hit the shelves tomorrow I wouldn't regret it, but if you would, then consider waiting. That's a lot of money.

    Bear in mind, however, that these products ARE on a 12 month cycle, whatever you buy from Apple will be replaced in a short time, so don't buy just based on bleeding edge, buy based on what you can get use out of, and what you will enjoy using.

    What if I buy an iPad now, will it be worth anything if I decide to Upgrade?

    Considering the flood of people who will be doing just that, it's a safe bet that there will be some significant depleted value. The value $100 has been floating around, but thats purely 'made up', and it may be right, it may be wrong, but I have yet to find any actual data that would support how much it would drop in value (if there was a way). The iPhones don't drop in value much, but folks can buy those with contract discounts, and sell them back for a pretty penny. The idea is, a T-Mobile consumer who intends to unlock and use an iPhone will have to buy it outright, and while some places like Newegg will sell it to you New in Box (for over $800 last time I checked), as far as I know (I could be wrong, but this is what I was told at my local Apple Store) in order to buy new from AT&T/Apple you HAVE to be an AT&T customer, so a T-Mobile user couldn't go to an Apple store and buy a new iPhone (according to the guy at the Apple store). So, the option is eBay, and it's a sellers market on that device for that reason. However, anyone can buy an iPad, even the 3G version is unlocked. The general consensus has been that it will drop by at LEAST $100. Now, that said, that might mean the price for upgrading your iPad would only be in the $100 range, not too bad eh?

    Will there be a 7 inch iPad?

    The rumor is, a particular supplier has allegedly sold a large volume of 7" displays for Apple. However, Steve Jobs has said that nobody wants a 7" Tablet, that it's too small to get any use out of. Additionally, the apps currently don't scale much, so Apps made for the 10" iPad might be hard to use on the 7" iPad, and alternatively iPhone/iPod native apps would still scale up poorly, many iPad users don't like the way iPhone apps work on the iPad. Given the way Apple has designed their products, it's not likely that they will ask developers to develop for a THIRD platform. However, there is still the supposed screens, so it's 6 in one hand, half a dozen in the other.

    Where do these rumors come from?

    It's hard to say for sure, but allegedly, the sources are high-up Apple employees (often forum members claim they have a friend or relative who is significant enough in the Apple world to know these things.), or factory managers / factory workers from Foxconn, the production company that Apple contracts for Assembly. One thing that should be understood, is that people who make these claims get considerable attention. Those who are legitimately in cognito with the Apple inside can stand to make some money off of these secrets. There is considerable motivation to make stuff up, and your likely going to make up what people will believe (like a 7" iPad, dual cameras, the kinds of things people would expect even without the rumors). Once again, it's very 50/50, and nothing is for sure. In the past, the rumors have been very poor and inaccurate, save for a few that may very well have been "lucky guesses". The original iPad, for example, was almost certain to run OSX, have USB ports, essentially be a macbook air minus the keyboard and trackpad. Some rumors included a popout keyboard, nearly all of them mentioned multiple cameras, et cetera.

    Please let me know of what else should be added, and Mods, let me know if something like this could be considered. I think this forum-consenus information should be consolidated and posted for folks who want to know. And by all means, don't let me be the only one grabbing this information. If anyone sees something that should be changed/added let me know. I'm not interested in personal opinions, or someone saying "Your dumb it won't do this this and this", I'm looking for what the GENERAL CONSENSUS of the Forum is, not the handful of opinions here and there. The purpose of a sticky like this would not be the minority opinions, but what is generally agreed upon by the majority of the forum. While users may subscribe to one or the other, I think the ideas I presented represent the ideas of most of us.

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    Way too much info here to be useful for the drive-by poster. Consider making it into a guide, then linking to your guide in each new thread about the iPad 2.
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    Point taken, it seems to read fast but in looking at it now, your absolutely right, folks might not read through that enough (save for skimming for the relevant headlines).

    However, while I think your right about making it into a reference guide, what should be added?
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    Include everything about retina displays.. I am sick about that one. The understanding of what it is, and what it means if the iPad were to have a retina display.

    If you can find prices on such things as 128GB ssds and why it is unlikely they could be in the iPad because of price, etc. those is all useful facts and information. None of the "I think the iPad will have this... because I am smart and believe it should."
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    Hmm- misinformation.

    I think "So that is point number one, that despite the hype, there may not be enough of a change to warrant waiting that long for the second version. If your waiting for new features and significant improvement, you might not get it. Furthermore, if you don't like the current iPad enough to justify it's cost, you should certainly wait for the second one to see if Apple surprises us and it is indeed quite a bit different, but if you like the current iPad, you might not see enough improvement to justify the wait. Again, if you waiting for new features, your probably going to wait a while." contains some misinformation. The new iPad WILL have some new features, such as some form of camera to support FaceTime- this point alone is HUGE for people with family abroad who they like to talk face to face with. The next iPad will certainly have new features; to support Apple-implemented programs and to keep up with the standards set by the oncoming wave of new and *vastly* improved Amdroid 3.0 tablets. Mark my words: the iPad will advance exponentially faster from version to version, when compared to the iPhone simply because it will be facing much more direct competition from an army of other companies producing high quality tablets, especially with honeycomb being built for tablet compatibilty. The iPhone didn't have much competition early on, hence Apple could take it's time with features. This will no be the case for the iPad: the tablet pandoras box has been opened, and tablets will be THE gadget of 2011, probably right up there with smartphones.
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    On the subject of 7" iPad:
    I have no idea what this means. Wouldn't a 7" iPad have the same resolution as the current iPad, just with a higher dpi? Clearly a higher dpi is no problem (as we've seen with Retina display). This would actually be a smart move because it might satisfy all those howling about not having a retina display on their iPad. I for one would quite likely buy this over a full sized iPad 2.

    Also, you might want to add that Steve has a record of strongly criticising certain features or products shortly before releasing that feature or product.

    On resale value:
    Resale value will depend on how big of an upgrade iPad 2 is. More specifically, what will drive this is compatibility. iPhone 3G and 2G must surely now have lost almost all value because they can't run the latest OS (2G) or with all functionality (3G). Not being able to run x or y app is going to kill resale faster than 2MP camera vs 5MP camera (or even no camera vs camera in a device where it is not necessarily expected, ie iPad). Weight is similarly not a concern.
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    Considering that there is no such a thing as an iPad 2 just yet, this seen useless to me, but them again that is my opinion
  8. fobfob macrumors 6502

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    But price is a major factor too. I don't see Apple bolting on a whole lot of bells and whistles unless they are truly low cost (and I believe the camera is cheap). The iPad has to maintain it's aggressive price not only to ensure market share but also so that it doesn't cut into MacBook territory. In many years' time the next generation of computer users may see the iPad as a genuine computing alternative to a traditional notebook, but right now it is not seen as a replacement by the target market, and thus cannot inhabit the same price point. The iPhone gets away with it because of the phone capability.

    No, I see Apple concentrating on price first, then features. Only strong competition will see them forced to compete in that space, and a lot of that can be done in software. Note that Apple could try to sell major iOS upgrades in the same way that they sell major OSX upgrades. That's one area not yet explored. When the hardware is mature enough, we might see them try this.
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    You may be right about how fast the iPad will progress, but this will be independent of whatever Android does or does not do. It's a popular meme to speak to this impending "competition" from so many "quality" tablets, but in my opinion it just isn't so.

    Have you seen Andy Rubin demoing the fabled and epic tablet version of Android "honeycomb" with Mossberg at All Things D? It was really painful to watch, a disaster, and if it's ready for primetime before the summer I will be shocked.

    He had nothing, just a rip-off of iOS app "UpNext 3-D Cities" (a "canned" mock-up of San Francisco, if I recall correctly) and an email app that was mediocre at best. Sure, that fraud Rubin tried to tout it's groundbreaking capabilities like column view inbox and a "scalable" layout that would work on both tablets and phones (wow, stop the presses for the long awaited "tablet version" of this OS), but what he showed was really pathetic in the truest sense of the word.

    Just like a movie trailer on television, we have to assume that they show the best and/or funniest parts of the movie to get you excited to see it. So if this was they best hokeycomb has got so far, consider me completely underwhelmed and I humbly offer my pre-emotive review: two thumbs down.


    Nice effort on the guide, OP. Thanks...
  10. saberahul macrumors 68040

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    Although I and I'm sure many others appreciate the time you took to write the guide, it should be obvious that with Apple products nothing is for certain until the product is actually released. That being said, I feel your guide will have more value and much more accurate information once the new version is released; people can then visit the appropriate page linking to your guide to find answers to their questions.
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    wonderful effort, pretty much all the info/rumors out there consolidated.

  12. Piggie macrumors G3


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    Thanks for all the work.

    One point I would change would be the price drop.

    You must take into account here the price Apple are/will charge themselves for a refurb iPad with warranty direct from Apple themselves.

    Any privately sold one second hand will of course have to be a worthwhile amount under the price of an "as new" refurb unit from Apple.
  13. el-John-o thread starter macrumors 65816

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    The idea is that UI on the same res app, made smaller, might be hard to use. Some apps now have small controls, make those controls even smaller they might be unusable. Food for thought.

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