iPad 2 GPS is worse than iPhone 4 GPS?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by born4sky, Aug 23, 2011.

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    iPad 2 GPS is worse than iPhone 4 GPS or it's just mine?

    Recently I purchased NAVIGON specifically to be able to use it on my iPad (Turn-by-Turn navigation application), but turned out to be that it cant lock my location for some reason. iPhone locks GPS signal with couple of seconds when iPad keeps giving errors. Could it be that I got defective GPS in my iPad 2?

    *** iPad 2 dosent have a case, that could prevent it.
    *** NAVIGON has preloaded maps so it's dosent require internet connection

    Test it just with google maps same story... but I remember that it worked couple of times before.
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    Navigon neeeds a VERY clear line of sight to a satellite. Tall buildings, etc. can block the view. It does not use cellphone towers to supplement - only the satellite. I have Navigon on my iPhone (and could put it on my iPad2) and I find it often does not lock on a signal very rapidly. Tomorrow, I need it and am going to try rebooting the phone first. In other ways, I've compared my iPhone (3GS) and the iPad2 GPS and both lock instantly using Google Maps and MapQuest - those apps use GPS but also cellphone towers, where as Navigon only uses the satellite.

    Have you tried a hard restart of your iPad2? Also, there are various threads (do a Google search) on calibrating and resetting your GPS on iPhone (or iPad2).

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