Ipad 2 in Canada?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by hallaisen, Mar 1, 2011.

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    So I'm getting the iPad 2 asap, and am just trying to plan ahead for tomorrow. I'm worried that it will only be available in the US mac store at first, and that it will come to Canada a bit later. However, I have a friend in the US that I can have it shipped to if need be, but I don't know if it's possible to use a foreign credit card in the US store? Also, when the first iPad came out, was it immediately available in several countries (obviously concerned about Canada here) or did it come to the US first?

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    Sep 10, 2010
    The first iPad came out in the USA only originally; it was at least a month (my memory says two, but it may be faulty) before it was available in Canada. I bought mine two days after the initial release by getting it over Kijiji from someone who had bought two in Boston and was selling one when he got back to Toronto.
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    I am from Oakville Ontario and went to Buffalo for the April 3rd release last year. Yes, you can absolutely use a Canadian credit card in the Apple store. Remember to tell your Credit Card company you will be making a US purchase first. Last year I had to buy my girlfriend's too because she didn't tell her visa company and her card denied the purchase.

    As the poster above stated, the original iPad came out in the US first: Wifi on April 3rd, 3G on April 30th. Then on May 28th it came out in 9 additional countries, including Canada.
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    Sorry, I should have made that more clear. I meant the online US Apple store.

    Thx for the info about the original iPad release dates, I guess I should let me friend know I'll be shipping to his address :D
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    Just remember that you will have to sneak if over the border.
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    I'm flying to New York to pick one up. Given this is the second iPad, should we expect a little less frenzy or will I be arriving at the Fifth Avenue store greeted by a line around the block?
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    Anyone planning on heading to Buffalo on the 11th?

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