iPad 2 keyboard doesn't work in some web sites

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  1. ButchVA macrumors newbie

    Nov 30, 2006
    I called Apple about this and they acted like I was the first case they had heard of, which is utter BS. Can someone explain to me how Apple has let this happen? If Safari works every time on my Mac Pro, why can't Apple make it work on my iPad 2? It simply doesn't allow you to input text on many web sites, which seems like kind of the whole reason I got the iPad in the first place.

    This is not the problem of web site developers, this is Apple's problem, yet they seem either oblivious or they don't care.

    Anyone heard about a potential fix for this dumb problem?
  2. taimur4u macrumors newbie


    May 26, 2011
    I also read it somewhere else people facing problems like that. There is no fix for it yet. Hope apple will fix this bug in the upcoming iOS version.
  3. Don Kosak macrumors 6502a

    Don Kosak

    Mar 12, 2010
    Hilo, Hawaii
    The problem is that iPad Mobile Safari doesn't support iFrame based rich text editors like ckedit.

    Most of these rich text editor controls have code that checks for compatible browsers and falls back to using the standard HTML textarea control if the browser isn't supported.

    Unfortunately many sites have older versions, that don't recognize the iPad.

    Often there are settings on the website that allow you to use the standard textarea control. Check the preferences or settings of the website you're visiting.

    Another alternative is to try a different browser like iCab. You can change the "User Agent" in iCab to something (maybe an old browser) that disables the rich text IFRAME control.

    Perhaps we'll see support in iOS 5 for this type of control.

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