Ipad 2 lag when playing 720p.avi


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Mar 14, 2013
hey guys, sorry for this I am new to ipad 2

My ipad is already jailbroke, and I have AVPlayer HD installed from vshare.

I search in this forum and it say ipad 2 with avplayer hd can handle it smoothly,

I play my file Running man 720p avi files size 1,79 giga byte, video playtime 1 hour 34 minute and it's lagging for me

and then I try to play skyfall 720p.mkv size 950 mb play time 2 hour and 33 minute from ganool and it work fine for me,

I have friend with ipad 2 too and he say he watch running man 720p on his ipad 2 without problem :confused:
I don't think it's the running man file issue since I try to play Iris 2 movie with 720p.avi and It have the same problem with my running man files

I wonder if my ipad 2 have a problem or just can't handle the file, but my friend say he can play running man file 720p without a problem :confused:

please if you can give me advice :)
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