Ipad 2 locked to AT&T

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    I am in the UK and I purchased from a UK website an Ipad2 which came with a AT&T sim attached. I then purchased a UK (EE) sim card to replace the AT&T one but it won't work! I have changed the APN to EE so is there anything else I can do?:confused:
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    So you purchased an ipad in the UK but received a US model? hmm. Sounds like you need to return the ipad 2 and get a different one.
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    The iPad 2 should he unlocked. iPads were never locked to AT&T by apple. Something else is wrong. Erase the iPad and reinstall ios. Maybe a user turned on SIM PIN??? If someone turns on sim pin then you need the sim pin when changing sims. Maybe you can submit an unlock request to att with the imei number but it will likely say no record of that imei belonging to any account. The phone number to that sim will be in settings.

    If it is sim pin then maybe you need to ask AT&T for the puk code ?

    Oh another thing I just thought of. You might be using a " voice " sim or a "prepaid" sim in the ipad. iPad requires DATA ONLY sims. Prior to AT&T's gophone iPad 3 service, if you put in a gophone sim in an iPad it would not work at all. The sim would be dead to the world. Gophone sims are sold deactivated and you have to dial codes to select a plan before the sim is functional. The same thing is true for Voice sims. I can't take my verizon sim out of my iPhone and put it in my iPad and expect it to work. As far as the apn goes, I thought the iPad gets the apn setting from the sim and sets it automatically. That's what my iPad air does when I trade out tmo for AT&T and back

    Are you inserting the sim in the iPad and trying to sign up for a data plan using the iPad directly, like your supposed to do ? Or are you taking a sim out of a different device like a iPhone and expecting it to work ?

    You put the data only sim into the iPad and go to cellular settings and sign up for a plan and pay by credit card. That is how it's supposed to work.

    If you actually get an error like locked sim or invalid sim, and it's a data only sim, that's just plain bizarre and not supposed to happen

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