iPad 2 problems streaming via ATV 2

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    Thanks for looking.
    My Pop has bought an iPad 2 and a Apple TV 2 on my recommendation for Xmas.

    He had a few teething problems with his Apple ID but thats all been resolved.

    Now he is trying to stream movies from a PC using Homeshare. The majority of the films work for about 2-3 minutes before turning to a black screen or error message coming up saying "operation could not be completed".
    Music works okay with no problems at all.

    He is running Win7, Virginmedia BB, Netgear VMDG480 Router...all of which has the latest firmware, drivers etc.

    Of course the usual story from VirginMedia (thinking its a wifi prob) is that they don't support the iPad...I've looked on their forums.

    Any ideas will be appreciated.

    thanks. :)
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    Your Problem

    Is the junk VM call a router. I have the same ISP provided router, but only use it as a modem. You need a gigabit router to achieve seamless streaming.... Some ideas:


    Basically, you disable the wifi side of the VM supplied Netgear, and purchase the gigabit router of your choice.

    I have posted my setup elsewhere on the site, but if you would like more details feel free to PM me.

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