iPad 2 screen bleed return for new??

Discussion in 'iPad' started by Macs4u, Aug 30, 2011.

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    I won an apple iPad 2 32gb wifi and 3G in a raffle at work and I've noticed it has screen bleed across the bottom left side, quite bad. I've spoken to an apple uk store specialist over the phone who said I should make a genius appointment and then go from there. I know someone recently who did a similar thing (his was his wifi not working at all) and they wouldn't swap it for a brand new one, they just gave him an iPad and he had to go back to the store another time as they didn't have stock of just an iPad but did have stock of new ones (40miles away).

    The trouble is, I use the iPad ALOT and don't want to have to return to the store on another day as I need an iPad on a daily basis and also it's 100 miles round trip! I also don't want to accept a refurb as it has only been activated for a few weeks (was bought in April 2011 by company and I won the raffle about 3wks ago so the AppleCare says warranty until apr 2012 even though it was sealed for nearly 4 months of its life and as in the CEOs office lol)

    What do you think my rights are?

  2. scorpionfalcon macrumors newbie

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    IMHO, I think you are asking for way too much for something you never even paid a cent for...you want it fixed, but you don't want to compromise and be without the iPad, or drive a a little bit? Sorry, but I don't have any advice for people like this.
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    So as I won something I'm not entitled to have a product that has no faults??

    Of course I don't want to Be without it and as apple stores stock hundreds of iPads now I don't see why I should have to and accept a refurb. And also I think Apple have had enough of my money for me to expect decent service as me spending on a 27"iMac, apple tv2, iPhone 4 for me and the wife and an iPod touch for my son i would expect enough rights to a fault free product. You have no advice for people like me yet you comment on a post that you have no genuine advice. I HAVE NO TIME FOR PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!
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    most of the "brown box" swaps that Apple does in store are brand new units, they just come in the brown box instead of the standard iPad box. you might encounter a refurbished unit but you just dont know until you go to the Apple store for the swap.
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    Does the screen bleed bother you that much? That's the question
  6. poloponies Suspended

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    You have a right to be restored to the position you should have occupied, not a better one. That means that Apple has the right to take your device and bring it up to spec - that's impractical, so they give you a functionally new device that's also free of blemishes (whether that unit is "new" or "refurbished" it's 100% "like new"). By doing so they have fulfilled their obligation. As far as the clock running on the Applecare, that's not Apple's fault.
  7. Smithwiz macrumors newbie

    Aug 5, 2011
    You can as well get it repaired

    One way you can have it quickly back to normal is compromise a little and have it repaired and get it back as new by having it repaired...I don't know but you could check like www.fxtronics.com
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    Looks like a lot of iPad 2's are suffering from this issue, hopefully they will fix it for iPad 3...

    I would take it in the store for exchange, if they refuse, you always can fix it yourself but it will drop your warranty...

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