iPad iPad 2 sim in iPad mini.

Discussion in 'iPad' started by grahamtearne, Jun 8, 2013.

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    Hello all.

    I am looking at getting a new iPad. Probably the iPad mini. If not that it'll be the iPad 2. I want the mini but when I look at Bell's website it says the rolling 30 day pass option is only available for the iPad 1st and 2nd gen. Anything newer I'd need the lte sim. My question is, are they the same size? If I were to just order the 3g sim that allows the 30 day pass option, would that work in an iPad mini.

    Before everyone shoots me down. I live in a rural location and LTE is not available and the maximum service I get her is what they call 4g (although I'm sure this is what most of the world calls 3g, but let's not start the 3g/4g debate) - the service is capable of getting up to 21mbps where I am. On my phone I get around 3mb. Acceptable. I do live in the beautiful Canadian Rockies so I guess I can't have it all!

    This is why I would go for the iPad 2 over the 3rd and 4th gen if the sim cards are in fact different and won't work. If it will work then excellent. I'll get the mini tomorrow. Its crazy how it actually seems cheaper to get prepaid iPad data than a contract for mobile internet.

    Side note: Bell is my preferred network for the iPad so I can get nfl mobile to stream the games using Bell TV. $10 for 10 hours and then $3 an hour after seems like it'll be much cheaper than buying a gamepass subscription then using pure data to stream it.
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    iPad Mini uses a Nano sim like the iPhone 5. The iPad 4 (Retina) uses a micro sim.
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    The mini does use a nano SM, while the older iPads used micro SIM. I believe you can get a SIM cutter and cut down the micro SIM to nano size.

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