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iPad 2 Sleep Button Issues


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Jun 6, 2010
Colorado, USA
Hello All,
I haven't been on this forum for awhile, but I'm having a bit of trouble with an iPad. If I press the top sleep/wake button, the iPad does not wake up, or go back to sleep like it used to. It's like the button is unresponsive.
However, I can still hold down that button and turn the unit off, as well as take screenshots?
Any ideas or input on how to get it working again, as it seems like the button itself is still functioning. I haven't really found anyone else with this issue, by searching it just seems like the button either works or it doesn't.


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Oct 24, 2012
Try in this order and move to the next step if it continues to not work:

- restart
- reset (hold power and home button)
- reset all settings (settings > general > reset)
- check for software updates
- backup and restore as new
- contact Apple for replacement


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Aug 14, 2013
I had the same problem with my ipad 2. Turns out the sleep sensor (on the right hand side under the glass just below the volume controls) had got damaged in a screen replacement. When I replaced the power button sleep sensor part (it's all one piece) hey presto, it all works perfectly. It seems a faulty sleep sensor disables the whole sleep function from working.


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Feb 26, 2006
I have the same problem. In my case I have smart cover setting in general setting and when it's off, the power button works just fine. Then if I erase the iPad and the smart cover setting is gone and the power button doesn't go to sleep (screenshot and long presing works). I don't have a smart cover I can't check if the setting will be back but trying with a magnet doesn't do anything.

The problem is I need to erase the iPad but if I do so I'll lose sleep button. Only if I restore with the data (with smart cover setting is in general setting) the sleep button works.

I wish there was a way to get back smart cover setting without using the cover or magnet...
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