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    What's Hot: Sturdy material, unique design, fashionable.

    What's Not: A bit heavy for a thin case.

    In a crowd of iPad 2 cases, the Street Skin case from Hard Candy Cases makes an impression. It's shiny with Spiderman costume-like patterns and it comes in not subtle colors of black, white and hot pink. Perhaps a part of the lure for this case, is that though the design is all the same, by changing the color of the case, it appeals to different groups of people. The Street Skin for iPad 2 is a thin rubber case that covers the entire body of the iPad 2 including the screen. Though it's shiny, the case doesn’t feel slippery in hand.

    The Stree Skin case for iPad is a form fitting case that’s made with TPU rubber. One nice thing about using TPU rubber in comparison to silicone is that the TPU rubber won’t lose its form easily and get stretched out like silicone does. The case’s surface is shiny throughout, and it opens like a portfolio case. The right side has a fit pocket for your iPad 2, and the left side is a screen cover. The case has two hinges with which the front cover is attached to the case, and you close the cover using two corner snaps. The cover can go either on the front when you are not using your iPad 2, or on the back to get out of your way when the tablet is in use. The snap design is unique for a tablet case, taking the concept from clothing design. It works great for the Street Skin case thanks to the rubber material. The Street Skin for iPad 2 has cutouts for all ports and buttons on the tablet, leaving them easily accessible.

    Style wise the Street Skin case for iPad 2 from Hard Candy looks like nothing we have seen. The sculptured pattern on the shiny black rubber makes the case look like a part of Darth Vader’s outfit; on the shiny white case, it looks like a part of the Yves Saint Laurent collection; and the pink one looks like it belongs on Victoria’s Secret shelf.


    The Street Skin case for iPad 2 is a good alternative if you dislike your silicone case that gets stretched out and loses its shape too quickly. TPU rubber is harder than silicone, so the case can help protect the tablet from bumps and bruises inside a bag or backpack better. The case is thin but not particularly light, weighing in at 8.2 oz. We like that it protects the entire iPad 2 and leaves all ports and buttons accessible. The unique and bold style will either attract you or turn you away, but if you want something that looks different and fashionable, the Street Skin case is worth a look.


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