iPad 2 stuck updating to 9.2.1 from 7

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    I have an old iPad 2 that was still on version 7.X.X. Updating failed through iOS GUI so I hooked up to PC and downloaded the update from iTunes that way.

    The iPad will update with Apple logo and progress bar displayed, but the progress bar fails to move past the half-way mark oddly.

    -I've already tried manually downloading another 9.2.1 .ipsw file
    -- Tried restoring straight to 9.3, tried going back to 8.4.1 but I hear Apple doesn't sign those files anymore
    -I've rebooted our router & PC
    -I've tried restoring on another PC
    -Tried limera1n for grins
    -Tried ReiBoot

    No matter how many times I've let it sit for about 30 mins to an hr it fails to fully restore, even after trying different USB ports. Again, the progress bar just stops moving past the half-way mark.

    Anyone else experience something like this?
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