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Discussion in 'iPad' started by dwd3885, Mar 3, 2011.

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    Dec 10, 2004
    I don't want to start a flame war or anything here. I believe that iPad 2 is a good upgrade over 1. I wish it had higher resolution. It's pretty much the same as 1 but slimmer, lighter and add cameras. Of course, the dual core will be HUGE in apps. Just think about Garageband and iMovie NOT going to be able to run on the first gen iPad.

    BUT I also say that I think Honeycomb is a better tablet OS than iOS is at this point. With that said, developers haven't made tablet optimized apps for Android yet and the hardware and price isn't there either. I think it's similar to when Android first launched with the G1. Apps weren't there, hardware wasn't there. But now, 1.5 years later, you have apps, you have hardware and pricing. I think next year this time, Android tablets will offer more and have as many quality tablet optimized apps as Apple has now. BUT, that's in a year.

    If you're buying a tablet now, iPad 2 is the winner. Buy the 16gb and stream all your content from your computer.
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    You do realize they updated every single thing about the iPad besides the screen. If you look at all the competitors none have all that much better of a screen. Only marginally better.

    I personally like iOS a ton more then android but if you don't currently I wouldnt count out apple just yet. iOS 5 is coming.
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    Jun 14, 2010
    LOL. Good luck with that here. :D

    I don't think that can be said definitively. Depends on the user's needs and preferences.
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    So I have bought the iPad, Galaxy Tab and the Xoom. iPad I took back cause it was too big..I didn't like the form factor. It was also very boring with out of box features. Jailbreak was a must, but I didn't cause I was test driving. Then the Tab, I thought it was great. I set it up exactly like my EVO...same apps, launcher, etc. It was perfect and portable. I was able to stash it in my pocket and take it everywhere I went. I hated that most of the apps I opened came up with the size as if they were on my phone...were not made to fit the larger screen. Then news of the 10.1 hit and I returned it. I bought the Xoom and still have it..It's been 8 days. It took a long time to get used to Honeycomb. It's quick, but here again, there aren't many apps (ones I use) that are made for the screensize. I love the form factor. It's bigger than the iPad, but seems smaller with the widescreen. This is going back because I don't use data plans. I tether each of these to my EVO, which is free, so $860 was way too much to spend.
    With news of the iPad 2 yesterday, I've decided I am going to buy the 16gb wifi white version on the 11th, which the light blue poly cover like in the video Jobs showed and going to keep this device. My Dad has an iPhone 4 and I was looking at it lastnight. If the iPad is thinner than that..to me, that's amazing. This Xoom is pretty thick and heavy. What I do know is, I will have to jailbreak the iPad to be in love with it. I also HATE the fact there is no Flash with iPad, but was told about "Frash", which is a clear alternative.

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