iPad 2 with wifi or 3g?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ajumbaje, May 20, 2011.

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    I am getting an iPad 2 as a gift. I already have the color and size determined(white 64 gb) and was wondering if getting the 3G model instead of the wifi model would be useful.

    I currently have an iPhone 3gs and will be upgrading when the next iPhone comes out. I can use the mobile hotspot feature on that. The only question I have about that is if I can use that on a month to month basis like the 3g data plan for the ipads(cancel the plan when I don't need it).

    If that's the case, then I might as well do that instead of getting the ipad with 3g.

    Do many of you have an iphone and ipad with 3g? If so, what's your reason behind doing that?
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    You can always choose not to sign up to a 3G plan, you can't always choose to add 3G to a wifi ipad. I bought the 3G for the times I may need it only. So far it is a wifi ipad2.
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    I have a WiFi iPad 1 and an AT&T iPhone 4. AT&T lets me switch to and from the 4GB tethering plan whenever I need to. I figure that this is a less expensive option, especially since I don't tether often and my iPad was $130 cheaper than the WiFi+3G version.
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    One difference that's not too widely known is that the 3G has a built-in GPS; WiFi only does not, though it can get your location fairly closely by seeing your WiFi source. The only time I could see that being a factor is if you need that accuracy because you want to use your iPad 2 as a big screen GPS device for driving, though I don't think there's any good way to mount it for that (yet).
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    Agreed about the WiFi without including a GPS in it since I noticed Apple was sneaky dropping the GPS feature from iPad 1 -> iPad 2. I bought a WiFi iPad 1 last year just before the 3G came out and I didnt find 3G helpful.

    Now I went for the 3G on my iPad 2 and it is very helpful using 3G for traveling and work too. Of course, not every location has free wifi or even outside yards away from wifi is nice. I'm definitely happy with a 3G. I also think its a bonus selling a 3G ipad when I get the iPad 3. ;)
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    I have an iPhone 4 and a 3G iPad 1. It's a great combination for my needs. When I travel outside the US, I buy a local SIM for my iPad and tether my iPhone and laptop to it. Friends and family can also get internet access this way. (I run MiWi on my jailbroken iPad.)

    When I'm in the US, I usually do it the other way and tether my iPad to my iPhone in those places where I don't have WiFi available.

    I also make good use of the GPS capability of my iPad, so I wouldn't want to be without that.

    However, if you don't need GPS and you don't travel outside of AT&T/Verizon coverage areas, then a WiFi only iPad and a tethering plan (or a jailbroken phone) may be all you need.
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    The latest firmware for the 3GS allows the iPad to be tethered via Bluetooth!
    No need to jailbreak anymore.

    You do need a 3G data plan that allows tethering.

    Only difference then is the lack of GPS.

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