iPad 2 won't charge unless turned off

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  1. TrailRunr macrumors newbie

    Jan 14, 2012
    Hi All,

    My iPad 2 Wifi will only charge on while turned off and is not recognized by iTunes on my computer (Mac OS 10.7). I'm using a 12W iPad charger and Apple 30-pin cable that works fine with my iPhone and a friend's iPad, but does work with my iPad. I've reset the iPad multiple times, put it in 'Connect to iTunes' mode and connected to my computer with no success, and done an internal restore to reset all setting. So far nothing works. The iPad does hold a charge once it gets charged, but won't charge while on, only while turned off. The iPad is running iOS 6.1.3.

    I'm wondering if there is something wrong with connector port on the iPad. Any ideas? Any more tests or resets I can try? Or should I just replace the connector port?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. RadDave macrumors regular


    Apr 6, 2013
    North Carolina
    Well, appears that you've done well w/ checking out the issues, i.e. seems that your 12W charger, the cable, and connector are fine; and you've reset the iPad - your connector on the iPad or the device itself must be at fault - I'd probably be thinking about a visit to an Apple store or a local reputable business that services Apple products (I have MacAuthority locally) - good luck - :)

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