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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by bjpad2, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Jan 1, 2012
    I've ordered a Cyber Acoustics (Maroo) case and while waiting for it to arrive hopefully at the end of this week, my daughter showed me that my spare ipad case works on the ipad 2. Well works 98% I suppose, since the rear camera is blocked and the cover doesn't have any magnets. (For some reason I thought the ipads were different sizes so I never even tried it in the previous case.)

    I think overall the CA/Maroo case is pretty nice but I've just been using it for one night. It is nice and soft, seems to offer a lot of protection to the ipad, and doesn't add much thickness or weight. It sets nicely in the viewing position and typing position, although if you move it around a lot in the typing position the lid doesn't stay hooked under the tab. I had looked at a few cases that had tongues on the lid, the tongue sticks through a loop when in the viewing/typing position and I think this would hold the pieces in place better while moving them around, balanced with the awkwardness of the tongue at other times.

    My wife was giving me a hard time for buying the case online vs. going to the local BestBuy store. (Her boss just got an ipad along with a case from BestBuy and she thinks it is a nicer case than my Maroo. I don't agree at this point.) I looked at lots of cases and all had different qualities, the Maroo case seems to have more of the qualities I was looking for, protection being high on my list.

    I'll try to post photos when my actual ipad2 case arrives.
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    Jan 1, 2012
    Please don't hijack my thread to promote your products.

    And BTW, I did receive the Maroo case that I ordered. Actually I ordered it from Cyber Acoustics. I looked at their models and I looked at the Maroo models. I decided to get the CA model because it didn't have the label on the front and it was available in brown.

    The case works well, exactly as described in reviews here and in youtube videos. It looks good and looks like leather, but I didn't order the real leather case so mine doesn't feel or smell completely like leather. I've heard lots of comments about smell from various cases but this one doesn't have much smell at all. It feels thinner to me than I expected from reading reviews, it seems to offer very good protection for the ipad which was one of the features that I wanted. The magnet works to turn the ipad on/off but if it is setting on the sofa and I push it over a little bit, the cover moves enough to do a turn on/turn off cycle. I haven't had a problem with that while carrying it. I use it on my lap on the sofa and the typing position works very well.

    I promised to take photos and I will do that, but I haven't had an opportunity yet.

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