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Oliver G

macrumors regular
Original poster
Sep 24, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
I have a WiFi iPad 3 64GB, I have upgraded it to iOS 6 Beta 1 and when I go Wi-Fi settings and click on my home network it connects as usual but when I go to Safari the web just does not load. Funny thing is that if I go to my router settings in Safari that loads fine. I am using a four year old NetGear DG834G v3 Modem/Router. Any suggestions?


macrumors 65816
Sep 16, 2006
Do you have any other wireless devices to test with? Connecting to wifi and connecting to the internet are two different things. Go back to your router settings page and look to see if the internet connection is active. Better yet, unplug the power for a few minutes and plug back in, making sure all appropriate cables are connected.
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