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Feb 26, 2008

Having had my new iPad for less than 24 hours, a small slip from the balcony table to the chair seems to have been enough to cause rather large cracks on both sides of my screen.

Now, I've owned an iPad 1 since launch day until today, and it's been through much tougher things than this; the new thinner designs don't seem to be as robust, especially around the edges of the device.

Now, I live in Germany, so I was wondering if anybody new how Apple treats these kind of thins over here? The last time I dealt with AppleCare, it was back in the days of polycarbonate MacBooks when they were nice as gold and would give you free, out-of-warranty repairs at the discretion of staff (they replaced my whole MacBook bottom half because the screen hinge was creaky). Now it seems they're not so nice (from what I read online, it's a Sunday and I haven't called them yet).

There is no AppleCare+ here (with accidental damage coverage), and I'd buy the protection plan except it doesn't seem like it would help me here. Some people have said that Apple allow a one-time accidental replacement, but it's not formal and so I don't expect it to be extended at the 3rd party GRAVIS store I bought it from (very few Apple stores in Germany). I have home contents insurance which could cover it, but I'd rather get a quick replacement from the store somehow (or via AppleCare).

Anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice?


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Nov 25, 2009
Northern California
Don't know how you bought it but if you used a credit card they may cover accidental damage for the first 90 days. I know both American Express and Visa Signature cover the 90 day accidental damage and theft, and also add an additional year to the manufacturer warranty in the US. Don't know about Germany.

I know in the US, Apple will not normally replace a broken screen iPad under the normal warranty.


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Nov 9, 2010
If you bought it at Gravis, Iäm afraid you have to ask them.

They probably offer you a reduced price for repair since you just bought it from them.

Apple wthout AppleCare will just offer you the normal repair process, which might be expensive. I don't know, I never tried.

But usually you have to ask the shop you bought it from...
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