iPad 3 keeps crashing

Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by HDFan, Sep 17, 2014.

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    After the IOS update my iPad 3 would start up, run for a few minutes, then crash. It crashed 39 times between 6:57 PST and 7:36 pm PST. At one point on the restart it would not even boot - the progress bar stalled at about 40%.

    I removed all of the multitasking applications so nothing was running but it still crashed. I called Apple support right after a reboot, but by the time I could get to settings to see the serial number it had crashed again. Evidently this is a kernel issue, rather than an application issue. An app crash should just take you to the home screen.

    Only received 1 error - a "32194" "This device isn't eligible for the requested build". Don't know how to read the stack trace to figure out. Were some messages about "Thermal not updating", largest process dataaccesd, com.apple.datami.

    Talked with Apple support. Evidently they have seen this problem. The suggested solution is to do a restore. So I did a restore from iCloud, rather than from iTunes. Evidently an iTunes restore is a bit more comprehensive, so some settings which might be bad are preserved.

    Q%$%#% The restore just completed and it's doing it again! And Apple support just went off line at 8 pm PDT.
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    Good Luck with Apple Support

    I've had a similar issue with my iPad 2 and the iOS8 update and the customer service I received was lacking to say the least :

    Read my tale of wow and sorrow here

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