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Original poster
Mar 12, 2012
Northern California
My 32gb iPad 3 has 10gb available so I know that's not the issue. Games are freezing and stuttering. The iPad itself is running quite warm, that is also a new issue. Anybody else experiencing this?

This just started a couple weeks ago and am wondering if Apple is sending secret signals saying, "You know you are going to need the iPad 5 in a couple of months, you know you are!"

Short of restoring, any suggestions?


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Feb 22, 2011
Yes, ipad 3 here gets very warm even on low to medium brightness for the last month.

Think the battery's getting a hammering.


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Nov 6, 2008
The fact that it has 10GB left shouldn't make a difference. Is there an app running in the background? Try downloading one of the free system monitor apps which can show you what is using the CPU power. Alternatively, open multitasking bar and close everything or just fully restart the iPad.
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