iPad 3 + Mountain Lion + Forgot to backup, alternative software?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by mpsruo, May 6, 2012.

  1. mpsruo, May 6, 2012
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    I upgraded to OS Mountain Lion and forgot to do a backup of this new iPad. I've spent the past few weeks installing apps, etc.

    When I went to plug it in, I ran into the age old problem where it tells me it's synced to another library (the same computer of course...)

    I've tried a few of the popular software that allow you to "transfer" files from the iPad to your PC or Mac, then sync. I've tried TouchCopy (which I had previously used for my iPhone) but it freezes up. I'm not sure if it's an issue with the fact that it's the iPad 3.

    This is the first time in 8 years of using iPhones, ipads, iPods, etc. where I essentially forgot to do an iTunes backup and lost that data. I still have songs, movies, etc. which i periodically directly copied to an external drive, but haven't yet transferred that data to my desktop pc or the freshly installed mountain lion

    My question is:

    Do any of you recommend a specific software to backup my iPad's contents so I can properly sync? I don't care if it's on the PC or the mac.


    Is there a way to make a backup from my iPad to iCloud --> Sync from iCloud to my desktop? I don't care that it wipes all of my desktop's data since...well...it's blank

    I tried PhoneView on the mac and that also doesn't work.

    I'm out of ideas here and about to bite the bullet, wipe the iPad, then slowly redownload apps through my iTunes account (which is massively inconvenient, since I don't want ALL of my apps that I normally sync to my phone, etc). I'm also looking for a solution since I'm also unable to sync my iPhone (same issue).

    Thanks in advance.
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    Start iTunes, go into iTunes preferences, find the setting that sets whether an iDevice that is connected automatically syncs or not, and set it so it doesn't sync automatically.

    Log in to your iTunes account.

    From menu, go to Store, then pick Authorize This Computer. Enter your iTunes account name and password. This needs to be done in addition to logging in to your iTunes account.

    Connect iPad, right click on iPad icon in the left sidebar in iTunes, select Transfer Purchases. This should copy all apps on the iPad to your computer.

    Add your media files to iTunes library.


    Repeat for iPhone. In order to not sync unwanted apps from the iPad to the iPhone and vice versa, make sure "automatically sync new apps" is unchecked in the Apps tab.
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    You are the man!!!! Seriously. Wow. Fantastic. This is exactly what I needed. I authorized, it said "You have authorized 2 of 5 machines" (Guess the 1st is my old iMac install) and BAM, transfer purchases. Fantastic good sir. It immediately transferred the purchases, and BAM. Giggidy guh

    +1 to you

    ROFL wrong thread bro

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