Ipad 3 retina model volume toggle not working Suddenly

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    Jan 6, 2009
    Last evening I decided to watch some music and tv on my ipad, I of course have done this regularly without event but last evening I noticed there was no sound coming from the speakers. I'm on IOS 6.1.2 and haven't had a problem being on this since it became available?, the strange thing is when I plug my headphones in I can hear sound ps and alter the volume with the volume toggle??. On pressing it now both up and down nothing happens at all.

    I have checked the facility when you double click home button and scroll to the right of the screen , the volume toggle isn't showing, I haven't altered anything in settings?, I have read this is a common issue but I find it baffling. If I click the sounds tab in settings, then ringer and alerts tab, the volume toggle can be moved up and down, but nothing what so ever from the volume toggle.

    I have tried cleaning the headphone jack and docking jack, no improvement and rebooted the ipad, please help if you can thanks.
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    Oct 24, 2012
    You can try resetting all settings.

    Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings

    If that doesn't work then you can try a hard reset by holding down the sleep/ wake button and home button down at the same time until the iPad powers off and restarts.

    If that doesn't work then backup your iPad and update and restore iOS software to factory.

    And finally, if that doesn't work then it may be a hardware issue, which you would need to contact Apple to seek service on it which is fine if its still within the one year warranty.

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