iPad 3 trying to contact kbs.aws.af.cm

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  1. Ferry macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2013
    I bought a second-hand iPad 3 with a jailbroken iOS v6.0.2 on it. The guy I bought it from deleted everything from it, no Cydia apps left, no other App Store apps apart from stock apps, since I wanted to keep the jailbreak. First app I installed was Firewall IP, and found that every single app was trying to contact kbs.aws.af.cm . Of course, I disable it, stopping any connection, and then did a search, but I've been unable to find a single word about that url. If I try to load it in a browser, I get only an empty page with no code on it.

    I thought it could be a keylogger, given the "kbs" bit, but again I was unable to find anything about iPad keyloggers trying to reach that site.

    Any clue?

    As a side question, would it be possible to restore this iPad again to 6.0.2 from scratch even if I have latest iTunes? That way I would be on the safe side, and could still jailbreak it.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.


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    If you are able to restore to iOS 6 it would be 6.1.3 unless you can find a copy of the SHSH blobs somewhere.

    And Apple might not be signing 6.1.3 anymore so it would be iOS 7

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