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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Hydrocity, Jun 10, 2010.

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    May 14, 2010
    Alright, well here is the situation:

    Im will soon be purchasing an iPad and the new iPhone 4. I live in Canada and have a iPhone 3G currently, but without Data. So my next decision is to determine what would be better; Get an iPad 3G or get Data for my new iPhone.

    Now I am kinda new to these types of things (I am a student) so I do not know if Rogers will let me get the iPhone 4 without Data, but my current iPhone 3G does not have Data. I am unsure whether Rogers will let me keep my current plan without Data or make me sign up for it if I want to get the iPhone 4.

    Now I do not see myself using the iPad too much outside of home, but I do think of the times where I wish I had a computer that didn't require WiFi, as there isnt any...The iPhone is an "always on me device" but after reading the comments on "Oh after using the iPad, you would not want to watch videos or browse the web on an iPhone", I don't know if Data on the iPhone would be worth it.

    I do like that I can always stop paying for Data on the iPad, and repurchase when I need it, such as going on a Vacation or going to my cousins house for the weekend. It would also make car rides alot more entertaining:p

    Also on a sidenote, since I have NOO experience with 3G and how much Data is actually being used, I do not know how much Data I would need. My main tasks would probably be surfing on the web and watching alot of YouTube Videos, but I have heard that watching YouTube on 3G can be really annoying as it takes forever to load. Is this true?

    So lets say I spend a good chunk of time browsing the internet, mainly forums so I guess I would be refreshing alot, and watching videos from YouTube, how much Data would be required for the iPad. Rogers offers a 250MB/Month for $15 or a 5GB/Month for $35. This is cheeper than the current iPhone plans from Rogers, as 250MB/Month is $25 and 5GB/Month is $65 (Dont know if it will change when the iPhone 4 comes out.

    So sorry about the long post, I hope there are alot of helpers. Please dont flame, as that is pretty much a waste of time for everyone, except for those people who enjoy reading comments that insult people :p
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    May 14, 2010
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    Hmm, well from a UK perspective, it depends. Going to be very expensive running an iPhone 4 and iPad.

    iPad wise, you can look around for whoever offers a better data plan. You can just cut the sim to fit. 1GB a month ~ 30mb a day, which ain't much.

    Comparing my iPad to my iPhone 3G, I'd take the iPad any day, but really does depend, best of checking out both devices, see what will get you more value and use for your money.

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