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Discussion in 'iPad' started by vctrfs1, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Mar 25, 2013
    iPad 3rd Gen - Repair Warranty still good.

    My home button has been acting up lately. For the most part, it works perfectly but everynow and then the home button sticks and sometimes isn't even responsive. I had this problem before and when I brought it to the apple store, they replaced it. But now on this new one its acting up again. I already setup an appointment with the apple store for repair. Also, on the bottom-right the is a small dent on the ipad.

    If anyone wants me to show a picture of the dent, I will be more than happy to. Its not really that big of a gash, but I dunno if it will effect my replacement/repair.

    My question is that, will they be able to replace?

    iPhone 4s - Repair Warranty still good.

    I have an iPhone 4s and my sleep/awake button is jammed in and its really hard to shutoff my iphone. I also have a repair with the apple store today as well for it. My question is that I paid for an unlock and I got it unlocked to T-Mobile, will apple replace it with another unlock phone, or not?
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    Yes Apple can and will replace a dented unit. The only catch is whether they will replace it for free. That depends on the size of the dent, the relationship to the 'defect' and the judgement of the person you get. If you have Apple Care + they might require you to use one of your damage incidents.

    As for the jammed button on the iPhone. Yes they generally replace units for that. Again they might charge you if it appears that you dropped the phone on it's 'head' and that likely shoved the button out of place. HOWEVER, if that unlock was done third party you are screwed. That's tampering and you don't get to even buy a replacement. Doesn't matter that you tampered with the software and this is seemingly a hardware issue. Now if the lock is legit from either buying full price or getting ATT to unlock it cause you finished your contract then yes it carries over to the replacement. But you'll likely be in for a wait. Last phone replacement I did for my work phone (which is unlocked) I was basically stuck for about 20 minutes while their system caught up with the swap and the tech could plug it into the computer to activate it (doesn't work over the air).

    Moral of that story. if you are going to do both the same day, have them deal with the iphone first, ring it out etc so that its doing that stuff while you deal with the iPad. lessen your time just sitting around doing nothing.

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