iPad 4 Green/pink color shift

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    Aug 20, 2014
    Hello, I've had this ipad for while after having a bunch of replacements. It is dead pixel free, backlight bleed free, but the top is green and the bottom is pink. I actually see this same effect on my LG IPS led tv, where one side is pink and the other more green. I feel like it's just the technology because if I tilt the top away from me, the whole screen looks evenly green, and if I tilt it towards me it looks pinkish. And it kinda makes sense as the pink side is where the red sub pixels start, and the greenish side is where the blue ends. Blue+green=greenish cast, red+green=pinkish cast. Otherwise everything else is awesome except image retention, which again is part of the tech. I also heard it has to do with saturation and or the true white polarizer, maybe a combination. Dell ips screens have this. So is this normal for the tech? It seems like it is.

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    I wouldn't spend to much time worrying about this. Imperfection is a beautiful thing.

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