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Discussion in 'iPad' started by currins, Dec 1, 2012.

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    I hesitate to post this, but Apple has given me so much trouble that I need your advice. Here's the situation:

    1. Black Friday - Ordered iPad 4 with $350 Apple gift cards and remainder on Visa (490ish w/ tax).

    2. iPad arrives on Tuesday, 27 November. There was a dust under the glass and dried glue, roughness on the top left corner where the glass meets the metal.

    3. Called Apple (not Applecare, just 800-MY-APPLE) that evening. Rep was happy to send me a new iPad as soon I returned mine. I'm a grad student at the end of the semester and can't part with my iPad, so I asked if I could keep mine. She said "sure," just return your defective iPad by 12 December. She place an order for another iPad.

    4. After that replacement iPad staying in "processing your items" status for 48 hours, I called Apple again. On the phone for 30 minutes, including a Supervisor. Told me that the Tuesday night rep shouldn't have agreed to let me keep my iPad, so I had two options - 1. Return my current, defective iPad to an Apple Store, or 2. Charge my credit card for another iPad and refund the charge when I return the other. I go with #2, and they charge my CC and place the order. The hitch - since it's not Black Friday anymore, they charge me full price (16 GB Wifi, $533 w/ tax).

    5. I noticed on the website that my return is set to give me credit on an Apple Gift card and the Visa (from the original purchase), NOT the $533 charge from the previous night on my CC.

    6. I called Apple back again on Friday and was on the phone for an hour. The supervisor gave me his contact info while he worked on the issue. The new iPad has shipped, but my credit card still shows the $533 charge.

    I'm worried like hell about the boondoggle that's going to erupt on Monday when I get the new iPad and it's defective. If it's not, I'm good there obviously. But if they keep the $533 charge for the 2nd iPad on my CC and give me apple gift cards from Apple on the return, it's still going to be like paying for the iPad twice.

    What can I do? Any suggestion for how I could have handled the return better? I could have just gone into the Apple Store, but I thought I wouldn't have gotten a new, retail model.

    What do I do if the new iPad is screwed up too?

    Sorry for the long post, but I'm a rookie on the return process.
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    Relax first. It usually takes a few days for a charge to fall off and a refund to show up. If the iPad has a problem then return it or exchange it at your local Apple store. After the new iPad shows up (hopefully to your standards) return the current one and then inquire about the refund if you don't see any credits to your card. This is all quite easily solvable as long as you don't overreact.

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