Ipad 4 screen issues + Apple Store brown box replacements

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  1. Gazjam macrumors newbie

    Dec 24, 2012
    Hi, first post. First time Apple user, Ipad 4 32GB.

    Ordered from Apple Online 12 Dec, screen had a problem.
    Took it back to local Apple Store and they replaced it with a refurbm brown box replacement.
    Not too happy with this as it was 2 days old but I found out later I would need to have contacted Apple online to get brand new replacement.
    Wasn't told this at the store... :(
    Anyway I'm now on my third replacement and it too has screen issues...the return of the strong blue shadow at screen edge, thought I could live with it but I cant.

    Not a complainer, I'm a freelance photographer and bought the Ipad 4 to show work to potential Clients on the Retuna screen..but I cant seem to find one without faults.
    Maybe I'm too fussy I dunno, but any other Tablet manufacturer's I've seen has been crisp white edge to edge.
    I went with Apple becasue of the reputation for quality.
    With my Apple refurbs I've had blue shadow screen edges, uneven colour temps (yellow white top, blue white bottom and overall dull yellow white.

    I have had three brown box refurb replacements froom Apple Store and to be honest I'm not 100% confident its a bit of a lottery to get a perfect screen.
    I paid £488 GBP 12 days ago for a refurb Ipad with screen issues, so not sure I'm 100% happy.

    Contacted Apple Customer Support tonight and explained that I was on my third replacement Ipad and the screen was still not perfect.
    The blue haze around the edges is there with the third replacement, thought I could live with it but I cant.

    C.S. advised that as I had the original order swapped over at a Retail Store they were unable to arrange a white box replacement for me over the phone as the original unit had "been put back in to the system".
    They advised i should contact Applecare in the morning see what they can do for me.

    Its only 12 days since I bought my new Ipad 4 and have to say I dont have a lot of confidence in the brown box refurbs...
    I've had three of them and none of them have been right.

    Honestly, I'm looking to get a white box sealed brand new retail unit as a replacement or a refund as I'm only 12 days into my order and not had a perfect unit.

    The last thing I am all about is stirring things up, causing a fuss etc - I just want my Ipad! - but to be honest I could be happier at this point.
    I'm sure Apple will look after me in this case.

    Would appreciate if anyone could pitch in with any thoughts, comments etc about this situation please?
    Will AppleCare sort me out with a new one?

    If I have to go down the refund route I would buy a new one anyway as I love my Ipad.

    thanks very much. :)
  2. Gazjam thread starter macrumors newbie

    Dec 24, 2012

    phoned AppleCare this morning.
    Very helpful Apple rep sympathised with situation but as the Ipad being returned wasn't original serial number it would cause problems.

    She had to seek authorisation from Manager for brand new replacement and would contact me.
    She phoned an hour or so later to let me know a brand new ipad would be sent out to ASAP and courier would contact me to collect old one.

    Felt as though I was looked after, good service by Apple.

    I Like a happy ending, happy holidays folks. :)

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