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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Anti-Lucifer, Dec 3, 2012.

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    I am nearing my 3rd week usage of my new ipad 4. Last night, I was still on edge still itching to scratch that mini-itch; wanting to return this ipad 4 for a mini all over again. I know this may make some of you want to pull out a knife and stab me in the colon, but it's the truth.

    I compared it to another ipad 2 64GB WIFI I still have. Side by side with full brightness up, it seems the ipad 4 is a tad brighter, but at full brigthness turned all the way down, the ipad 2 is still brighter than the ipad 4.

    As for colors, the ipad 2 is very slightly different - i mean if you look at the page with the picture samples, you can clearly see the difference ONLY IF YOU LOOK FOR IT - the ipad 4 screen may be touted to have 100% color gamut and that is true, it does look richer, but on the ipad 2 screen, it looks nearly the same. It has a slight color shift basically not covering the entire color gamut like the ipad 4's do, but it's not drastic! I was very surprised at this because I was expecting very dull colors, but it's actually VERY VERY GOOD. Close enough to really not be a big deal.

    The mini's screen is also very close to the ipad 4's in terms of colors. So all this comparison is to make a moot point - other than retina resolution, it's really not bad (the mini/ipad 2). This is starting to make me reach for my ipad 4 receipt for return....

    To be continued....


    So I was also able to test again the web browsing speeds. Seriously, it's just a bit faster FOR SOME SITES. Most of the time, it's just nearly the same speeds and negligible if you already own an ipad mini/2/3.

    BUT if you use 3rd party browsers which have no nitro javascript performance (only safari browser does), you can see on the ipad 4, using mercury browser pro, it's faster than using safari native on ipad 2/ipad 3!

    So is the ipad 4 performance worth it? I don't know for sure, but for pdf rendering (high quality pdf's) it's worth it. It's very fast. For web browsing, it's fast with 3rd party browsers! But I think it may be due to the fact the wifi performance is also better on the ipad 4.

    iOS needs to be drastically changed to accomodate the A6X - and the entire UX on the ipad is very very wasteful. I hope there will be new changes with Mr. Jony Ive on board.
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    The ipad 2 is new. At least to his story. Let's see, he has an ipad 4. He gave away the ipad 3. But has an ipad 2 laying around. And really wants the Mini instead. Ok....
  3. Anti-Lucifer, Dec 3, 2012
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    The difference is not as great as you say it is. IT's very slight. The ipad 4 may have a great retina resolution screen, but it's not the end all of tablet screens - that's why the mini and the ipad 2 is still selling more than any ipad 3/4 combined.

    The allure of the ipad mini is just too great!
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    right, I need to justify to you every detail :rolleyes: How about we stay on topic here, please.
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    I'm just following along. You're supplying the details. You can't own both a Mini and the 4 because they're redundant yet you have an ipad 2 laying around?
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    I too have read all your threads regarding your mini to iPad 4 purchase saga. I'm not really sure why you continue to post on the matter. Frankly you have evaluated both products in way more detail than most consumers ever would. There is no magic perspective that anybody on this forum can give that will make the decision easier. The decision has to be based on your unique blend of requirements.
    I don't think you will be 100% satisfied with either iPad - perhaps you should return the iPad 4 and wait until the perfect iPad (5? Retina mini?) comes out.
  7. bigboar, Dec 3, 2012
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    well, add me to the saga. I had a mini and liked it the first few days then started getting headaches. I returned it and got a 4. I have been using it the last couple weeks and even though I really like the screen and disliked the mini screen, I still keep finding myself missing the form factor of the mini. I was in bestbuy picking up a flash drive tonight and saw a cage come out that had minis in it. I went and looked at the mini on display and to be honest, I started wondering if something wasn't wro g with my original mini because the display looked worlds better than mine did. long story short, I have a mini here at the house now and am gonna open it in a little bit and see to myself if this one is better. if so, I am gonna return my 4 as I also recently purchased and MBP 13" and I would really like to have the mini to go with it instead of the larger. I know, I am crazy....

    edit: nope, this one is the same as my first. I am keeping the 4. I was hoping I had a problem with my fist but I guess not. the ones in the store sure look better than they do at home...
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    Nope, by the time an ipad 5 or ipad mini comes out, he still wouldn't be satisfied.

    The A5X/A6 chip in the "2013 ipad mini" is like the ipad 3/4's chip, so he wouldn't wanna buy another ipad 3/4.

    For the ipad 5, it might not be as fast as the iphone 6 so he wouldn't want that either.
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    What is your resource for sales figures?

    I assume the 4 did not go over very well since they were put on sale for BF shortly after being released. And folks owning a 3 didn't feel it worth it.

    To give you a heads up if perhaps you may not know, most retailers have liberal return policy for the holiday. You can get a mini, compare to the 4 and see which you use or like most until January 24th which is Best Buy's return date. And you get a BB credit card giving you lots of time to pay it off AND no interest if you want to keep it along with the 4 as well.


    Something isn't right somewhere. Did you check the brightness setting in the store and duplicate those on the mini you bought?

    Obviously the lighting in the store may be different but if not and the setting is the same, .....

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