iPad iPad 5 to be out in time for Christmas


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Sep 12, 2012
i got good news for you for the ones that like waiting looks like you have too wait even longer

iPad 5 and iPhone 5S to be out in time for Christmas, but is there a budget iPhone on the way?

Your Christmas shopping list has been totally sorted by the lads at Apple, who'll have their latest devices out in time for the big day.

By Adrian Collins

The latest additions to the Apple family will be out in time for Christmas, according to the latest reports.

The iPhone 5S and the new iPad 5 will launch in that order, and the rumours suggest, according to the lads at digitalspy.com, that the iPad will also work as a giant phone of sorts, meaning you can make and receive calls with it.

The iPhone 5S will be out in September, and apparently will be available in range of colours including gold and navy, to match all your snazzy outfits, of course, with the iPad 5 following shortly after.

There is also a suggestion that they may be announcing a budget iPhone at some stage, also believed to be around September, if these units turn out to be too pricy for your pocket.

It won't be as fast or powerful as the 5S, but don't expect it to be shoddy either. Think iPod Nano and iPad Mini rather than Zack Morris' beauty from Saved by the Bell.

Apple are still the leaders in the phone market, and want to keep innovating to to make sure they don't lose any more ground to Samsung, so the budget model makes sense, and means they can sell a lot more phones.

so if you want too go a head and get the ipad 4 now go for it has the ipad 5 is still a long long long ways a way from comeing out

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Apr 26, 2013
I just got the ipad4 aim really happy with it I was going to get the5.
But I won't now the 4 is great for me.


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Feb 6, 2009
Melbourne Australia
On my part it is going to be a tough decision the mini will look interesting should it get 128gb of storage, a retina display, spec bumps, and a earlier release date, otherwise if these factors do not live up, i might wait it for the iPad 5.


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Nov 12, 2012
I've changed my mind anyway. I'm no longer interested in the upcoming iPad. My mini fills my tablet needs just fine.
Sure seems lots of people are not happy with what they have. Every other day or so there is a new thread forecasting new iPads.