iPad advice, selling and buying bigger capacity?

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    Hi guys,

    I'm really in a dilemma here, and could use some advice. Stupidly, I bought only a 16GB Black iPad Retina with LTE, when I should have bought either the 32 or 64GB. This is the original Retina display iPad, before the new connector version was released.

    Do you think I could get a good price for my iPad if I sell it? Then buy the newer iPad with larger capacity?

    Aye I'm such a yutz, no clue what I was thinking! Always get the larger capacity! D'oh!
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    The post limit really stinks. Should be time based. I only have 60-some posts but they're all quality! And I have a white iPad 4th Generation 16GB with a Moshi AG screen protector that I don't want to get lowballed on. (Most I've gotten offered was $400 on Craig's List... Sigh)

    Anyway, the exact same thing happened with me. (Should update my sig)

    I got an iPad 4 16GB and after putting music in and some video games (Maybe 6 games) I ended up running low on space (Less than 2GB left) and I know that when you run near capacity with flash based memory, you can run into issues.

    So I picked up an iPad 4 32GB (this time in black) because I wanted to get one while the jailbreak was still around and now I'm trying to sell my 16GB.

    I figure, even if I take a hit of 15%, I'd be losing about $75 plus the $100 difference. Essentially paying $175 for an extra 16GB of space.

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