iPad Air 2 Clearance sales?


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Aug 14, 2006
where is a good place to look for iPad Air 2 clearance sales now that its been replaced?


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Apr 29, 2015
Wondering the same thing. As it stands now, without a major price decrease, the Air 2 literally makes zero sense to buy. 128gb Air 2 = $500. 128gb "new iPad" = $429 w/a definite bump in specs. Here's to hoping they at least drop the price of the remaining units to $350 or less...


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Oct 21, 2013
I'm hoping they'll drop the cost of screen repair for them. I have one waiting in my closet but I don't want to pay $300 for the new screen.


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Feb 7, 2017
That just doesn't make any sense...there has to be SOME stock left. A lot of wasted units...

(not saying I don't believe you, I do...I'm just saying it doesn't make any sense)
I think authorized resellers, certainly ones that want to keep Apple in their good books, discontinue them from purchase, at least online, fairly quickly.

Whether they have to send them back to Apple on a buy back, don't know. Few months after going from 16/64 to 32/128 for the Air 2, I got a 64gb at a Walmart for $50 less than the price of the 32gb. But that "new old stock" is going to vary from store to store and model was no longer in the website.Never opened it though and returned it.

I suspect the same happens now, though recently it appears there were little to no more Air 2 at stores. Plus the stores and retailers may not update the tag price or the scan price for a few days or weeks, depending.

But same with Apple themselves. The Air 2 stock or Mini 2 stock or smaller capacity Mini 4 and IPhone SE stock that you could purchase online or at store yesterday,where does that go? Into the the warranty exchange pile? Into the refurb or clearance section of the website? Where ever, when stores opened today you couldn't buy a product they had in stock last night.


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Jan 22, 2008
Looks like Best Buy has the 32GB option for $299 and 128gb option for $399.
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