Carrier IPad Air 2, insert old SIM?

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jjk454ss, Nov 15, 2014.

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    I upgraded to an Air 2 from a Mini 2. I took the SIM from the old iPad but it doesn't seem to work in the new one. It just says " searching" and never connects to the network. All iPad Air Cellular models are identical, correct? Any ideas before I contact ATT?
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    the only thing i can think of before calling AT&T is to power down both iPads. maybe even wait 5 minutes. remove sim cards.

    turn on new iPad air 2
    wait for it to power on and say no sim
    insert old sim

    that should work
    if it doesn't maybe contact AT&T and ask them to update the sim cards??

    does the new iPad air 2 have a wifi connection?? it might need to download a profile from wifi ???

    i saw my iPhone 6 plus downloading profiles when i switched sims around

    from my testing , iOS devices need to power on with no sim card , and then you install the sim , to update
    the sim card to do its sim card stuff. I've tried turning the iPad and iPhone off and on with the sim card inside
    and it just doesn't seem to do anything

    like when i switch the sim cards i won't get certain features, like tethering, VoLTE , or Virtual Voice Mail
    until i did that sim card dance. it seemed to magically restore stuff, where just inserting the sim and powering up didnt work

    plus i read somewhere on verizon that if you do this on an iPad or an iPhone it will update the sim card's tower tables.
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    Thanks for the help. I thought I'd have to wait until tomorrow, but I ended up chatting with ATT. According to the rep if I went from mini to mini it would work, but since I went from mini to air she had to change something on my plan. Took just a few minutes and she had it working. Thanks again.

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