Ipad Air 2 Wifi Issues

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    Nov 11, 2014
    So after returning my first Ipad Air 2, and just now getting a replacement, I see this is not a isolated case. And seeing many many others having the same issues (from many forums) I know need to know if I should just return for refund, or wait for fix? Talked to a few Apple Tech's who say "They never heard of problem" yet 100's posting that issue on Apple.com and even here. I finally said to the senior tech advisor "so my best bet is to return the 2nd one, since you do not know, or think there will be a fix for this?" and the answer was "Yes, that is your best thing to do as we do not have any issues like this, or know what we can do to fix your issue".

    So looks like most you Ipad Air 2 users will be stuck with broke ipad air 2 if you dont hurry and return them, as after 14 days your stuck with it. Or have you heard anything? Seems Apple is keeping quiet on this one?


    I should post that what the problem is.

    The wifi connection shows, but the internet does not work. So I have to go to settings - wifi, and sign off that internet connection, and then resign back on. It will work fine for awhile, and (mainly when it goes to sleep or I turn off) then no internet.
    I have ipad 3, ipod 5, and Surface Pro 2, and all these work just fine, but the new ipad air 2 just keeps making me reconnect to use internet.
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    One thing to try is a reset network settings and then reconnect to your router and see if that helps. You'll have to enter the password again and all that but this may help.

    Otherwise, I've heard that making sure the router is on the 2.4 gHz setting versus the 5 gHz setting might help. Not sure how to do that since there are so many routers out there. Your routers paperwork or some type of online manual should be able to help.

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