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Discussion in 'iPad' started by diana052711, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Nov 28, 2014
    I just bought an ipad air 2. i have been trying to add yahoo email to it. i tried by clicking on the yahoo icon and it just brings me to another screen with a yahoo box that wants me to put in my yahoo id and p/w when i do that it does accept my info then it gives me a blank screen. I then try to add it as other and it tells me p/w is incorrect at this time i have changed my p/w several times to see if this makes a difference. then it goes on to tell me make sure the stmp info is correct at one point it takes the info. and it verified it then it stops. Any suggestions??????:(
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    While clicking your heels?

    (What kind of voodoo is this?!)
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    Ipad air 2

    ok so i figured it out. after several attempts. on your ipad YOUR EMAIL HAS TO BE VERIFIED BY your email carrier. it might take a while b4 they get back to you. yahoo finally got back to me. this is what happen. 1. you have your original p/w for you yahoo email ok. wo yahoo sent me an email stating that they noticed that an attempt was made on my account and i need to creat an app-specific password as i have enabled a second sign in verification. once you click on this particular link it might take awhile to work but be patient uggggg it bring u to another screen and u put in your information and it gives you another password to put in your ipad and you can do the same for you iphone. works like a charm. Bare in mind that when i first click on the link it gave me a blank screen but like i said keep trying you will eventually get there. GOOD LUCK;)

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