Carrier iPad Air and iPad Air 2: Data Plans and SIM Cards

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    I have an LTE iPad Air and iPad Air 2. Here are my findings:

    Apple SIM in iPad Air 1: iPad reports "SIM Failure."

    Apple SIM in iPad Air 2: New account-creation interface with additional options, including a 5GB-150 Day on-demand pass for $10 with T-Mobile. The fine print suggests this is a one-time pass, though, and can't be renewed.

    T-Mobile SIM in iPad Air 1 and iPad Air 2: Identical account-creation interface and data plan options (without the 5GB-150 day pass).

    Also, here are all of the plans offered by T-Mobile and Sprint. I tried to view AT&T but it gave me the "your SIM will be locked" warning so I cancelled.

    -Add your iPad to a postpaid phone account, and match however much smartphone data you have (up to 5GB) for $10/month.

    -Monthly Plans:
    1GB-$10 until 01/2015, then $20
    3GB-$20 until 01/2015, then $30
    5GB-$30 until 01/2015, then $40

    -On-Demand Passes
    500MB 1 Day-$5
    5GB 150 Day-$10
    1GB 7 day-$10
    3GB 30 day-$30
    5GB 30 day-$40
    7GB 30 Day-$50

    -200MB of free data for life.

    300MB 1 Day-$5
    500MB 7 Day-$10
    1GB per month-$15
    3GB per month-$35
    6GB per month-$50
    12GB per month-$80
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    Interesting that ATT will lock the SIM card. Thank you for all the other info.
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    Apr 12, 2011
    What happened to T-mobile free 200mb for life?
  4. screensaver400 thread starter macrumors 6502a

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    Sorry, I forgot to include it. It's an option. I'll update the OP now.
  5. melman101 macrumors 68030

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    Yeah? Can you get that free 200mb t-mobile plan?
  6. Kendo macrumors 68000

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    How long are they offering the 5GB for 150 days for $10 plan? I want to delay signing up so that I can start the plan when I need it. I don't plan on traveling for the next few months.
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    They have not said. I asked on Twitter and their response was "sign up as soon as possible. " LOL
    TMobileHelp: @melman101 At this time we do not have an expiration for accept by. If you are interested in the offer we recommend taking advantage... 1/2
    TMobileHelp: @melman101 soon as possible. :) *MS 2/2
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    I got the air 2 and activated the 5 GB/150 day plan. Sweet deal!

    Then I returned the air 2 because of the speakers--ordered a refurb air 1, and had some time overlap. The apple sim worked fine in the air 1, 7.1.2 OS.

    Interestingly enough, OOKLA reported 21.4 down on the air 2, and 31.5 down on the air 1 under 7.1.2, in the same room, just 3 minutes apart.

    Later tests showed the same advantage for the air 1. Even when I upgraded to 8.1 on the air 1, the faster download speeds continued.

    Any explanations for that?


    Here's some more input on t-mobile pricing:

    If you put a phone as your primary device, you can get unlimited data on the phone for $80/month, which includes 5 GB of hotspot data.

    You can then add an ipad to your phone for $10/month, which gives the ipad 5 GB of data per month. Total: $90/month.

    If you blow thru the 5 GB/month data on the ipad, you can get 3 GB additional data for $10.

    The ipad does not partake of the unlimited data on the phone, it has its own data allowance of 5 GB.

    I'm on straighttalk right now, with 3 GB per month on my phone. The OOKLA speedtests on ST aren't nearly as good as t-mobile...about a third.

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