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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by sbmeyer001, Nov 9, 2013.

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    I used to be able to connect my iPad 3 to any TV using either the 30 pin to AV adaptor or HDMI adaptor. I could mirror, watch Netflix or Hulu, and Videos. Now I have an iPad Air and nothing works. I tried a 30 pin to lightning adaptor and the first thing I noticed was that Apples own adaptor does not work with their own Smart Cover, the end is too fat. So, I popped the cover off and connected the adaptor. I first tried it with my Apple AV adaptor, no output. The I tried the HDMI adaptor, no output. When traveling, I like to connect my iPad to the hotel TV, using either option. What a step backwards for Apple. Accessories not working together, accessories not working! Any body else having this problem?
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    I understand that, but this will solve the problem.
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    Has anyone actually used this cable with an iPhone 5s or a new iPad? I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that the netflix app doesn't work with cable and I was wondering if this was true.
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    Unfortunately you can't just use the lightning to dock adapter and then plug the dock AV adapter into it, as you've found.

    There's a reason the lightning connector only has 8 pins compared to the 30 of the previous dock connector - the pins can actually reconfigure what data they carry depending on the requirement. The lightning adapters communicate with the host controller in the device and negotiate what data will be carried on what pins. It's a clever system but means you can't just have a "one size fits all" lightning to dock adapter into which you can plug old dock accessories and adapters.

    Your only choice is to buy the new lightning HDMI adapter but be aware that quality will suffer as this adapter can't output native 1080p but rather upscales a lower quality output, unlike the dock adapter which, with the iPad3, could output native 1080p. A backward step which I commented about on here the other day.
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    Always do your due diligence:
    There has never been any guarantee that every accessory would work with each other. It has always been possible to have accessories that did not work with each other. Again, do your research and don't just assume no matter what the topic (Apple products or otherwise).

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