iPad iPad Air case review - rooCASE Dual-View Folio Case

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by chiu, Dec 1, 2013.

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    Dec 1, 2013
    I recently receive the case I purchased on Amazon, link: http://www.amazon.com/rooCASE-Apple-iPad-Air-Case/dp/B00E44CMNQ

    This case looks really nice and its got a "professional look" because of the pebble grain leather look on the exterior, it also comes with a free stylus as a bonus which is nice! The stylus also have a two color ink ballpoint pen.


    The case does have the smart cover feature which will auto sleep/wake your iPad when you open and close the case.

    The main feature of this case is that the sleeve that holds the iPad comes off from the outer case by velcro, and it allows you to stand the iPad both vertical and horizontal, this is also the main reason that I got this case.

    7.jpg 15.jpg

    The vertical stand position is surprisingly more sturdy than I thought, I was not a big fan of the velcro attachment, but it holds the iPad well and also keeps the back of the case flush instead of the little bulge that other rotating cases have.

    Another little neat additional that the rooCASE thought of is that there's 3 card slots, the first slot have a clear window so you can put a business card or a small note in there! and the two card slots in the back can use for credit cards (for a faster online shopping/checkout experience :p)


    The one downside on this case is that there is no typing angle, but I don't really do heavy typing on my iPad, mostly is through browsing, and the stand angles this case offers I am able to type without being annoying, so this is not really a deal breaker for me, could be for the people that types a lot on their iPad though.

    Overall, I am really pleased with this case, and I feel safe to carry my iPad around, and the price of the case is a steal compareto the OEM Apple smart cover! :cool:


    I think each post only allow 5 images attachment? so I will post additional images of different angles of this case! I'm new to this forum so if I can add more images please let me know :)

    Thanks for reading my review!! :)
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    Dec 1, 2013
    additional images of the case!

    Cutouts for all the buttons and back camera/mic:

    2.jpg 3.jpg

    The bonus pen received along with the case, the black tip is the stylus, and the other side is the ballpoint pen!


    The sleeve removed from the outer case:

    This is the sleeve that holds the iPad, and the velcro flap tucks in to secure the iPad inside the case, iPad is not going anywhere after the flap is tucked in!
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    Dec 1, 2013
    Thanks!! hopefully this can help others to decide on the cases they want :D

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