iPad iPad Air discount vs iPad with 3 year warranty

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ohenriquez, Nov 27, 2013.

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    Dear Members

    I would like to know about your opinion, I have two options: one is buying iPad Air in John Lewis retailer and they have a current deal and offer 3 year warranty for new iPad Air
    or taking advantage of a discount in the black friday event and they will probably offer discount £31 for iPad like they did last year.

    Your views are welcome and I may think that while having £31 discount is good, a 3 year warranty may be worth it and would enhance resale value?
    I normally keep my devices for one year but this iPad Air may stay with me for longer (unless they make it more portable, which I doubt it)

    Thanks for your help

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    I think he is buying the Air. He's asking where.:D

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