All iPads Ipad Air, Mini Retina Truths!!!!!?? Please add your opinion

Discussion in 'iPad' started by ZeeNobody, Oct 27, 2013.

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    Im sure if Jobs was still at the helm at apple, not have passed on, the minimum Ipad Air/ mini retina Ram would be 2GB, 32Gb storage for your 499 with touch id. With Investors and the market constantly demanding new apple gear I think apples core has been knocked off its ideals set by Jobs. With the expected spec to be 1Gb of Ram in both and we know the minimum storage is 16GB. Theses seem like a just in time for christmas push and an attempt to just please investors, to have a somewhat newer ios device to go up against the wave of android christmas gear/ microsoft surface noise, and of course the fanboys, rather than a properly perfected product spec'd accordingly and polished off to give the ultimate apple experience. No doubt the not clued in apple fanboys socialites will suck up anything new by apple. ;) But for the enlightened apple users read on. :)
    So my reason to suggest the above is because that both are being released into a 32bit app reality, 64bit is just here, not yet well established in IOS land, these ipads are really just a stop gap before fully fledged corrected accordingly devices. To compare when the original ipad arrived on the scene, the market was yet unknown, then with the release of the ipad 2, who's specs vastly differed, and in doing so became king of the slab pile at the time, is still around being sold and still very useable for light work loads but again having to fallback to a laptop/pc for serious stuff!! Ipad 3/4 again were just tweaks of the ipad 2 rather than new innovation. The extra need of say for the Siri beta, like a dual mic and extra on chip logic for clearing up speech input and of course the extra power needed to drive the retina display, the latter making it a little tubby in the process :)
    The direction apple is taking now with IOS, being the 64 bit direction and a more serious attack against the laptop/pc world in the leisure/productivity space, theses new ipads are as stated above just a stop gap, 99% in the 32bit world 1% if that in the 64bit realm after some what fine tuning to really benefit from armv8 instruction set. Also i'm sure to try and entice the development houses who have not taken seriously the IOS eco system, to look again and reconsider developing or to consider bringing their fully fledged applications to the IOS landscape. These larger future feature ladened 64bit apps will require more the 1GB when running so with these new ipads you will not run as many fully fledged 64bit apps at the same time without heavy caching to storage (introducing lag etc) meaning that another upgrade forced on the early adopters next year to benefit from true 64 bit feature laden apps (should developers invest the time) with all the bells and whistles of a 64bit desktop application, games included. Of course, Fanboys will do either way :) .. So just to say, if you have an ipad 3/4, you are better off waiting till the next release of the ipad air / mini retina 2, unless you need to go lighter or wished for retina on the mini.. They are the only real factors. First adopters of Ipad 2 if you wished for retina grab a cheap 3/4 and bide your time a little longer. But true fully fledged 64bit apps will need more than 1gb ram FULL STOP along with more storage without the premiums for greater than 16Gb. If apple have popped in mavericks ram compression algorithms to aid the 1GB ram short comings, this will use extra proc cycles lowering bat life and also incur a sys lag along with the heavy caching for large 64bit productivity/gaming apps, ending in a poorer user experience. The next release of ipad air/ mini retina should be like the ipad2 of this gen of apple gear, fully in the 64 bit world with the specs that should of been, including multi user profile switching thanks to touch id. So fingers crossed for 2GB minimum folks for serious consideration!!!?? Opinions????
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    Another 'if jobs was' threat.

    1, when a company controls both os and hardware there isn't the need to waste materials.

    2, apple has the assets it has because it's still being run how it was when jobs was in charge.

    3, please learn how to break down your text with paragraphs!
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    Because under Steve Jobs we always got the best specs at the lowest price? Since when?

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