iPad iPad Air travel case for lugguge but use nude recommendations

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Ctrix65513, Mar 27, 2014.

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    Jul 11, 2010
    I prefer to use my iPad Air nude but am looking for a case solely for when I throw it in my carry-on backpack while traveling. I'm looking for something that is easy to remove for when I need to use and quick to put back on while not in use and getting thrown back in my carry-on backpack. I'm seeking something to protect against impact from books and other heavy objects. I know Otterbox makes great sturdy cases but it appears they take a long time to snap in and out of the case and are meant to be permanently left on. I'm currently using this:


    I like that I'm able to take the iPad in and out of the case quickly by just zipping it. Issue is the sides aren't that hard and I feel like the screen could easily be crushed. I'm thinking something similar but with metal instead of ballistic nylon. Something along the lines of this:


    Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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    Aug 24, 2012
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    I use this with my iPad Air:
    rooCASE Apple iPad Air (5th generation iPad) / iPad 4 3 2 Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve Cover (Black / Dark Blue)
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    Jul 11, 2010
    Thanks for the suggestion. That does indeed look like a great case and the Amazon reviews are outstanding as well. I'm going to try to check it out in store.

    Any input on how you think it would stack up against my Hard Candy case I'm using in the above link? I'm torn because the rooCASE has the more protective inside of the cases being more padded than the Hard Candy. Although, the Hard Candy has the more protective outside of the cases being ballistic nylon versus the rooCASE being soft neoprene.

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    I've been using a Timbuk2 Plush sleeve. I love it. When you go through airport security, you don't have to remove it. Daily I throw it in my messenger bag or just carry it by itself. Your iPad Air will fit the iPhone 2. I have the 4th gen. and there is about a half an inch around the sleeve. So you have some room inside.
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    The Timbuk2 cases are pretty good. I am using an Agent 6 sleeve from www.iskin.com. Real nice sleeve.

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    Just get a sleeve, there are more than enough to choose from and there are several topics about that in this forum. :)

    I've used sleeves from Tucano, Crumpler, Foofbag and Joli Originals, they all have the same features, but ended up with the last one, it's the only one from leather I've used, and it has no zips that can damage the iPad.
  7. Ctrix65513 thread starter macrumors newbie

    Jul 11, 2010
    Thanks for the recommendations. I went with the rooCASE Super Bubble Neoprene Sleeve.

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