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Discussion in 'iOS 8' started by snow755, Aug 14, 2014.

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    Couldn't you just consolidate all these threads...?
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    That would be too simple...
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    I noted a few other on here have made the same thing about the iPad 2 3 and iPhone 4S so I made the ones for iPhone 5C iPhone 5S and iPad Air
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    You shouldn't have cluttered things up and just asked for all 3 in one post. But the deed is done and you have your answers.
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    waste of threads
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    I'll go ahead and answer this.

    Theres many threads about this.

    In my household we have nothing but A7 devices (except for AppleTV's). The latest builds run fine enough to work off of. The benefits you see probably would be limited though.

    My wife sees minor improvements as a normal user.

    For me, it's running pretty solid right now. Things like Google Ingress crash instantly.

    If you are running a mix of devices and rely on iCloud and aren't willing to upgrade all of your devices right now then don't do it. Literally don't do it. iCloud Drive's requirement to move things from "Documents in the Cloud" to iCloud Drive can cause a crippling of work flow.

    Generally, if you are willing to bite the bullet and go all in it works really well.

    Chances are you won't be able to use Whats App. For me PDFPen across all devices just doesn't work at all if you sync to iCloud.

    We are a month away, if you don't necessarily need it, I'd say hold off. All major apps as far as I can see haven't updated much in the last month. I'd say thats probably because of developers holding back for iOS 8 to come out to send out new updates.

    You won't have new keyboards yet. You won't be able to use extensions in any form. You can't access other file repositories.

    What you will actually get right now will be limited to literally whats in the beta unless you are testing an iOS 8 build directly from a developer.

    Proceed with caution, though it's stable. It will be great in places, then fall completely flat if you are planning on texting "What's up homie" in Facebook Messenger using the quick reply feature.
  9. kjm18, Aug 20, 2014
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    mostly running fine not really any major issues does occasionally freeze so have to restart
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    Jun 23, 2010
    I know it is just a beta but it runs perfect on my iPhone 5. HOWEVER I am selling my MacBook Air and intend on buying an iPad air to replace it. BUT I keep hearing horrible things about it crashing a lot in ios7 and not having enough ram to keep background apps in memory (must reload when switching for most apps) and that safari tabs constantly have to reload when switching as well. I know it's not been confirmed if the next air will have 2GB of ram, but I am stuck trying to decide if I should buy the current air or wait? Has performance improved a lot in iOS 8 from iOS 7?

    Waiting is not just a matter of patience. If I buy the current model I can get it much cheaper than what the next air will probably launch for and I can get more storage and even LTE for a much lower price if I buy the current model.

    Anyone care to elaborate on the low memory errors when using iOS 8? Are you still getting them?
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    This thread should really be split in to 8 threads, such as "iPad Air 16GB + WiFi with iOS 8" and "iPad Air 128GB + Cellular with iOS 8". I am going to open up a new thread for each and every model.


    It's not a good idea to look at how a beta runs and think that you'll get meaningful info about how the release version will perform on a product that hasn't been released yet, since we have zero reliable information about the iPad Air 2. Many things about the iOS 8 beta will change when it gets released to the public.

    Also, I am not having any of those issues with my iPad Air at all. I'd recommend that whoever told you it has all those issues call AppleCare for assistance.
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    Jun 23, 2010
    Honestly beta 5 runs almost flawless in it's current form and beta 6 has been released to carriers. There may be some small bug fixes but beta 5 is close enough to a finished product that I think it's fair to ask for some comparisons between it and ios7. It's the point of this thread anyway :) as far as performance on the iPad air 2 I not really asking about that. I think it's fair to say it will run it better. I am simply wintering if iOS 8 runs well enough on the current air to warrant buying one now.

    MANY people and even respectable tech sites have documented the low memory issues and crashes with the current air. Thats why I am asking these questions. If it has improved greatly with ios8 there is no need for me to wait. But safari have to reload every single browser tab each time you change between them would e annoying. That's why I wonder if it's been fixed in iOS 8
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    Sep 17, 2010
    I could barely keep 3 tabs open on my rMini with iOS 7.

    With iOS 8, it's usually around 7-8 before the first one reloads. Also the "reload" is instant. It's white for a millisecond and shows up again. Different from iOS 7 where it just loaded the page from scratch.
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    Apr 22, 2012
    The Left Coast
    I'm able to switch between several tabs in safari on the iPad Air without them reloading so I am thinking that whoever told you it's a huge problem is more experiencing technical issues, or is visiting very huge websites. Could be a bug in Safari as well. It really isn't a huge problem unless all you do all day long is switch between many different tabs in safari.
  15. Zombolo macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2012
    That's a GREAT info! Many thanks.
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    Awesome news. Thanks so much!


    That tells me that the problem has been fixed. If you look online thee are TONS of tech sites and even forums of complaints about the issues I mentioned. A thread on the Apple official forums has well over 100 pages of complaints as recent as this month. So 7.1.2 must have finally corrected the problem. And I do switch tabs ALOT during school work :) Glad to hear you have no issues!
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    I think the iOS 8 reload is more of a debugging thing?
    I noticed it on my iPhone 5S but don't have iOS 8 on my iPad.

    The tab reload thing on iOS 7 was driving me mad - did it with just two tabs at its worst.
    I did a restore and setup as new but it still did it.
    I contacted apple support earlier and they told me to try something, and that's fixed the reload issue for now. Currently got 8 tabs open and can switch between the all without reload. Some have even been open a while whilst playing a game. Going to see how it goes..
    Settings - general - reset - reset all settings
    That's what they got me to do.

    As for getting an iPad Air now, or waiting... I'd wait. It's only 2 months (guesstimate) until the next one is out. If you can do without til then, wait for it.
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    I am typing this on my iPad Air on which I have really zero problems. First time I heard about iPad Air issues was when reading about the performance in combination with iOS 8.
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Apple finally added paging/caching for Safari tabs? Sweet!
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    Sep 24, 2013
    I'm not sure how posters can be saying IOS 8 works great when many features aren't turned on yet and many apps have not been updated. Maybe we have different definitions of working great. FOR a beta it works pretty well.
  21. Zombolo macrumors member

    Nov 5, 2012
    Not sure about this... :/
    Any confirmation?
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    Only problem I have is with 1Password and Dropbox. When I tell 1Password I want to sync with Dropbox it takes me to the Dropbox app for authorization. After it comes back to 1Password it will search for 1Password files and crash.

    I had no problems synching with 1Password and Dropbox on my iPhone with the same beta of iOS 8.

    This is really the only issue. I know 1Password is working on a major update so I'm not worried
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    Apr 15, 2013
    Houston, TX
    One thing that has always "bothered" me about the iPad Air is that the animation when activating Siri lags horribly. Has this been fixed in iOS 8?

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