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Discussion in 'iPad' started by T2Rife, Jul 23, 2013.

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    Apr 14, 2013
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    Am I really the only person who sees this as an amazing idea? I mean think about it for a second, all the power of an iPad baked into the 11" Air footprint! You just plop the iPad logic board (including the LTE chip) into the Air case and boom!, you've got a productivity powerhouse ready to go. No USB or card reader, just the lightning port and headphone jack like an iPad. That way you could use all of the same accessories as any other person with an iPad to include the card reader or battery packs.

    Sure, Apple would need to tweak the software to recognize a track pad, but really how hard is that since the emulator already does this? If you had the same battery that is in the Air now, just running the Arm chip, you would still get all day battery life and then some. Most people who use their iPad for word-processing or blogging or what have you, use a separate keyboard, this would have the keyboard always there!

    The biggest advantage of the iPad for productivity work is that it lets you focus on one task at a time as all apps are full screen, all the time. This way you would get all of that benefit as well as one of the best keyboards and track pads in the industry. Sure, this would be in the same range as the 128GB iPad, a niche market, but isn't that what Apple likes to do? Completely dominate a niche market?
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    Not sure if this "iPad Air" you envision has a detachable keyboard or not. If the keyboard does detach, then it's just the same thing as many iPad keyboard covers already out there. If the keyboard doesn't detach, then you are giving up the best feature of the iPad -- ultimate portability, without the weight and bulk of a keyboard -- and not gaining anything in return.

    The product will be so niche, even the Surface RT would sell more than this. And no, Apple hasn't been into dominating niche markets for a while, if ever. Steve Jobs' goal was to make the computer "for the rest of us" meaning he always tried to target the widest possible audience. It's just that the early Macs weren't quite as successful in reaching that goal.
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    Jul 22, 2011
    If they made an iPad as thin as my MacBook Air (at its low-mid thickness points) I would be terrified I'll snap it.

    The 9.7" iPads certainly need to be lighter though, I hate my iPad 3 now and am about to replace it with a new Nexus 7. I'm going to miss the 'Documents' app, but I found a decent Android alternative. Check that app out if you are looking for a good free PDF reader (and other docs) that connects to multiple cloud services, it's brilliant. (I don't work for the developer, honestly.)
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    Well - all Readdle products are top-notch; though, I never understood why they made a Shakespeare application amidst all their productivity apps.
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    Jul 17, 2012
    Or, you could just buy an 11" Air.

    An 11" iPad would essentially be a crippled Air. In no way does the single tasking of an iPad make me more productive. An iPad is ok for bashing out a blog post (one without images because even that is a pain on iOS), or catching up on email but for any "proper" work I reach for my laptop.

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