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    Hello - My name is Sharon and this is my first post here. Always been a Mac person, but this is my first iPad! I started playing around with it last night and like many people found it hard to put down! I do have a couple of questions - and go easy on me, I'm middle aged!

    Do I turn it off when done using it or just let it go to sleep? I turned it off last night. This morning, it doesn't seem to want to "read" my fingerprint, and I don't think I assigned it a passcode, unless the passcode is the same as the password or username on my MacBook pro, but that doesn't seem to work, either. I'd like to go back in and assign a passcode if possible. I promise to not ask such simple questions in the future - I leave for East Africa on Thursday so need to have some basic info really quickly, and did not find much support on the Apple site. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, folks!
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    Don't turn the device off, it is designed to sleep the majority of the time. Turning it off does not harm anything, but you'll notice that powering it up consumes anywhere from 3-5% battery, which is less than if it was in sleep mode overnight.

    TouchID does not work immediately after restarting by design, you have to enter your passcode which is normally a 4 digit numeric sequence. IF the keyboard shows up with letters rather than a number it means you have a complex passcode setup, which can be just about anything.
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    When you set up the fingerprint / touch ID stuff, it should have asked you to input a four digit passcode.
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    Crap. I kind of remember that. What if you've forgotten it? :eek:

    Thanks you guys! I just remembered it. Telling me that the keyboard could show up, clinched it! So, when would you want to actually turn it off? Never? Thanks again!
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    Just to clarify, sometimes when people say "turn it off" they're referring to a quick click of the power button, which just turns off the screen, and sometimes they mean a full power-off when you press and hold the power button so it turns off completely.

    It's perfectly fine to quickly click the power button so the screen goes out, but you do NOT need to fully power it off on a regular basis. The most common reason people do a full power off is if their iPad is behaving oddly, is running really slowly, or some other odd behavior is happening. It's rather like rebooting your PC to clear things out and start fresh.

    The only other typical reason people will fully turn it off is if they know they won't be using it for a few days, and then it is worth it to minimize power drain.

    Enjoy! :)

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