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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Bigebee, Oct 9, 2010.

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    I have some spotty coverage throughout the house with my iPad and Airport Extreme. Purchased an Airport Express yesterday and set it up (I think) to expand my wireless area. I'm checking signals in my Airport Utility and have come across something I don't understand.

    Airport Utility shows both the Extreme and the Express. I'm trying to find the best possible spot in the house to expand my coverage so I opened up the Extreme details and narrowed down what client name my Express is. I also narrowed down what client name my iPad is too.

    Looking at Extreme signal numbers, and the best I can position the Express gets me about -57 signal number. I turn on the iPad and it no longer shows up on the Extreme stats, but now shows up on the Express window stats. I assume because the iPad is hoping on the network through the Express. Is that a correct assumption?

    Now, the iPad, under the Express details, is showing signal strength of -24. When I look at the other window that has the Extreme stats, the Express is showing -57. So, when all said and done, what is the signal strength total of the iPad? Does this mean the iPad is getting a strong (-24) signal of the -57 Express signal?
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    It seems you didn't configure the Express properly to become an extender.
    Review your settings again.


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