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    I work for a local government and we are equipping our councillors with iPads and deploying AirPrint compatible printers and AirPort Express routers in their homes in order for them to access and print meeting agendas etc. Some of them live in rural areas with no high speed internet access and will be relying on the 3G iPad connection for email and internet access. As a result their routers will be used only to allow printing to the HP 1102W printers I am setting up for them, and will not be connected to the internet. My problem is, most of these councillors are not so technically inclined and from what I understand, if they want to access the internet via 3G, they will need to turn off the WiFi connection to the router, because when they connect to the router the internet connection via 3G is disabled. And when they want to print something, they have to turn on the WiFi and they will lose their internet connection.
    Is there anyway to force the iPad to access the internet with the 3G connection with the WiFi connection to the router and printer turned on?
    Does anyone have any ideas on other ways of making this work? I am trying to keep the process as simple as possible for them.

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