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    Hi all,

    OK, downloaded the latest iOS update. When I move into my new place I'm going to get an Apple TV. While fooling around with the iPad yesterday I didn't see the icon on the iPad to send music to an AirPlay device. Does that icon only show up if the iPad detects an AirPlay device on your network?

    Also, will I be able to stream from my iPad to an Airplay device my shared library (music is stored on my mac) or can you only stream music and movies that are actually on the iPad?

    Thanks for any help!
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    1) The Airplay icon only shows if an airplay capable device (ATV 2 or Airport Express) is detected on the network

    2) No, but you can stream directly from your computer to the ATV 2 (and use the iPad as a remote using the Remote App)
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    I don't think it will appear unless it detects them. I could be wrong.
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    Cool. Thanks!
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    If you use Home Sharing, you can see your iTunes library on the iPad. It will give you the choice to play over the iPad speaker or the Airplay device speakers.

    The only benefit I can think of using it this way is if you want to switch back and forth between the iPad and the Airplay device. The Remote app works to control your computer directly, but doesn't give you the option to play on the iPad.

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